Recruiting, Who BYU needs to go after

Well, here is a big start
UVU’s Fardaws Aimaq is in the NCAA basketball transfer portal - Deseret News

If We could land this guy, BYU adds a super point guard, BYU would have a chance at beating Gonzaga. Fardaws entered the NBA draft a year ago, makes me wonder why he doesn’t declare again. May be that scouts don’t take him serious and he needs a P5 experience to prove himself.

Here is a break down of what BYU is facing schoolie wise and who we are targeting
BYU Hoops Mailbag: Recruiting, Big Man Pipeline, Tourney Resume, More - Vanquish The Foe

Surprise, surprise…
REPORT: Oregon Center Isaac Johnson Enters Transfer Portal (

Three years ago, I said that Pope was after Isaac johnson, hmmmmmm, could it be? I’d take Fardaws Aimaq in a heart beat, just sayin but here we go with Isaac.

Here is another article about some of the people coming in the next season (2022-23)

What could the BYU basketball roster look like next season? - Deseret News