Retiring numbers is stupid

Regarding the retirement of #6 for Wilson and others: Why is the school elevating certain players over others in a team sport. It makes no sense. It’s especially not appropriate at a Church-owned school where the idea of venerating one human over others should be avoided. Why are we idolizing people? It doesn’t feel right to me.

There is no need to retire a jersey(s). Trey Dye should continue to wear 6 jersey and as well any future players who like to wear that number. And as well other number like 9. We had great players who wore 9. What happen if we ran out of traditional numbers? Should they start wearing 106,109 etc? Go ahead put those famous Jersey on the stadium/rafter with enlarge outfit they wore along with their name.

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I assume then that the stadium’s name should not have Edwards anywhere on it? Let’s take Marriot off the basketball court too.
Take names off of buildings and heck, re-name the university other than after a man.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…

I agree with Hopper!

That is unnatural, thawk.

I don’t know that we are idolizing the people, but appreciating their dedication, hard work and results in the program. It would be silly to not recognize the Ainges and Fredettes more than the Reeds or Santiagos of the BYU BB world. Some players carried the program and others just had a last name that mattered more than others.

I just meant that it was unnatural to agree with Grasshopper, that’s all. Goes against the grain.

Yes, you are correct! Probably won’t happen for another year or so!

I think it is okay to recognize players for their contributions. I don’t know if retiring a jersey is the best way to do it. Somebody came up with the idea one time and it stuck.

Wouldn’t be the first or won’t be the last time that happens.

Does it mean that nobody will be allowed to wear that number in the future? If it does, then I agree that “retiring” a number is dumb.

I agree that retiring a player’s # at BYU is dumb. There are other and better ways to honor the brilliance and dedication of former Cougars.

My daughter is on an academic scholarship at BYU this Fall. As she applied and interviewed for the highest of scholarships such as Monson, Hinckley, etc, we learned that BYU wants to give these scholarships to students who are not only smart, but will hopefully represent BYU and the Church well forever.

Imagine if BYU retired the # of a former player, built him a statue, and named the Creamery after him. Then he changed after leaving BYU and became anti-BYU/Mormon. That would be a big mess that was easily avoided.

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Right on John B.

Retiring a number to a fault that no one can ever wear that number again is stupid, dumb, honoring some who wore a number over others who wore the same number, BULL PUCKY.

This kind of krapp happens all the time. Here in Texas they put the name of an imposter on a Veterans Home who claimed to be a Tuskegee Airman. He wasn’t a Tuskegee Airman and never served in the military.
So much for honoring imposters or others over other people who may have worn the same uniform number or played on the same team with the same number. This happening with the number 6 at BYU.

What about all the other people who wore number 6 at BYU? This is the usual special treatment situation. But is surely disrespect to others who wore #6 and any future players who happen to want to wear #6.
Keep it up BYU and people will be arguing over #'s 106 and 206. Stupid is is stupid does.