Rock: Mountain West not worse for BYU than Wagner - 7 May


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Stupid is is stupid does. Rock, look at the vast majority of Comments to your article on having BYU joining the MWC. Are you nuts? I listened carefully to Tom Holmoe explain on BYU SN that the 2015 BYU schedule with all those P-5 teams and why Wagner was there because it helped set up the Missouri game. I am being sold on the BYU strategy, schedule in independence teams that they could not schedule in the MWC. Get more money from ESPN and playing P-5 games on the road if necessary.The new COA allowance at BYU is better than any team in the PAC 10 +2. The 2015 P-5 schedule is at least a million dollars a pop. Flexibility and the chance to make more money in indy than being in the MWC. If BYU can win one or two P-5 games on their schedule and then do well against the non P-5’s, isn’t a 7 and 5 or 8 and 4 record better than 10 and 2 in the MWC. This is a different day in college football. I think BYU is on the right track. We shall see.

Brad Rock has been in my ward in Sandy (same sub division) for 5 years until we split up boundary. He really is a nice guy but I have a gut feeling he’s u fan.

I agree with you Tx, 7-5 as independent is a lot better 10-2 as mwc, Why go back. I stay as Independent then move on to one of those P5 league if & when invited. What if big 10 decided to expand to 16 this summer by adding Oklahoma and Texas from Big 12 as it has mentioned or bring in Missouri from SEC. The landscape will change again and who knows if we do get in the P5.

IF, for some reason we still get shut out getting in to P5 once our ESPN contract expired (2019?) and not get a ESPN renewal. Should we get a new top 16 team league from the G5? Putting the West group AF, BYU, Boise State, Utah State and other 4 whoever fit in and the East Army, Navy, Houston and other 5. Winner from the West to play the East for Conference Chanp winner to play automatic in the NY6 spot (not NC spot).?

This college football is not what I thought was going to happen after we won this 1984 NC.