Rockmonster Unplugged: Is Salt Lake where Utah County players should go? - 10 Aug


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Unfortunately, this article nails it. Utah now has too big of an advantage for BYU to compete, and its only going to get worse, At some point we will need to either get into a conference or run the table with an impossibly difficult schedule. The latter is not likely, and the possibility of the former seems to get less likely as each year of independence goes by. Changes need to be made, but the problems are institutionalized and will take years to change things if change is even possible. Even if the Big 12 expands, I predict none of the teams will be BYU. Our best bet is to beg the Mountain West to let us back in and just be happy to play in the mid-majors. Its better than cancelling the program entirely or pretending that things are getting better with independence when they are obviously just getting worse every year. Prove me wrong cougs. Prove me wrong.