Rocky Long retires at SDSU, Hoke in

Long said he is interested in being a DC somewhere…….I know he hates BYU but offer. We could use him in a big way.

He would be a great pick up with similar scheme of Bronco M. defense. But, not gonna happen with less pay or I could be wrong. And Coach Kalani would not let his childhood friend go. Maybe Bronco would pick him up.

Long would be a very good hire!

Long will have a lot of opportunities if he wants to be a DC-a lot might depend where he wants to live-doubt if it’s Provo-first school that comes to mind is USC😁

Why does he hate BYU? He probably doesn’t know why anymore. Just like Democrats hate Trump. It’s a form of psychosis :grinning:

He probably hates BYU because they usually beat him whether he was coaching New Mexico or SDSU, but I think the big reason is because BYU left the MWC.

I’m sure he’s over that. Although, I coached for a private Catholic school and people who were pro public education hated that we took athletes from their public schools. They felt we recruited them. Not so much hating the coaches. I would be surprised that coaches feel the same way at the university level where it’s all about recruiting. I doubt he would want to be an assistant to a newer coach and less successful. I’m sure he’s looking to the NFL or a big name school with a successful coach.

Rocky Long for some reason hates BYU. Grasshopper says that he hates BYU because we left the MWC. What is all this about hating BYU for leaving the MWC? Utah and TCU left the MWC for greener pastures in the PAC 10-12 and the Big (Little 10) 12. Why do they hate BYU for leaving the MWC? How about Utah and BYU cancelling several games so the Utes can play back to back games with Florida? How does Duff Tittle have the gall to say that BYU and Utah gets along so well, so we can skip two years of their rivalry? Maybe Tittle and the BYU AD ought to be fired for cancelling those two Ute-BYU football games. To me after nine straight years of losing to Utah in football maybe we ought to cancel the so-called rivalry anyway. What kind of rivalry is it that it is so one-sided and the AD’s can just cancel the games whenever they want to?
Maybe BYU ought to fire Duff Tittle for

I never said anything about why Rocky Long hates BYU. I said that I doubt he hates us anymore. It was either Fish or one of the other with Scott Derangement Syndrome. That could be you :slight_smile:

Long hates BYU, said it in a news conference before the game. His quote, "BYU left the MWC to go indy. now they have to schedule MW teams to fill out their schedule, if I had my way, I would never play them and the same goes for every MW team out there.
BYU beat their precious BSU and thus cancelled out BSU’s chance for a 6 million$ new year’s payout…that all the MW teams share in. So, yeah, he hates us along with CSU and some others.

I don’t remember Rocky Long ever said he hates BYU. But when BYU chose to go Independent, something either from Communist Craig Thompson said we should never play BYU. I do remember Rocky Long said the same thing that he won’t play BYU.
And did anyone from mwc said anything negative about Utah and TCU? Both schools had to drop most of those mwc on there schedule which we all understand how it works.

At the time, BYU was the cash cow for the mwc. Not Utah or Colorado. Utah and Colorado were going to different conferences. But, BYU was snubbing all conferences especially the mwc. With good reasons. Craig Thompson and Rocky Long. And, there you have it boys and girls :slight_smile: