Romney leaving. not good at all

BYU football QB Baylor Romney announces he’s leaving the program - Deseret News

The guy I dubbed, “Cool Hand Luke” ather he took down BSU in his very first start has left the program.
Stronger arm and far more accurate then Hall. We are going to miss this guy in more ways then I can think of. I totally get it, when you know you are a starter and you just can’t get past an equally great QB in Hall. Can’t blame him in the least. Pretty sure he has some pretty good ideas on where he will land and I hope he just kills it with the next team,
God Speed Brotha
Thank You for all you did for BYU football, class act.

Is he leaving because he wants to see the field more with playing time or does he think he can play at the next level? A lot of these guys that leave… sometimes I’m not sure why.

it the news release, Romney does not state what his playing future is, just that it is time to move on.

Sorry, I don’t see Hall the same way, I think Romney is better than Hall in all but one category, mobility.

Romney reads the defense better, check off better and is a lot more accurate on the deep throws.

Romney is a pocket passer, Roderick offensive scheme is for a mobile QB which fits for Hall.

i have always felt Kalani fell into the trap Mendenhall did with Reilly over Heaps. seeing what they want to see and not what is actually happening.

i could be wrong, but then again , i could be right.

Can’t blame Romney at all. He know he cannot unseat Hall and Connover is very hot on his heels.

Hope he does well at his next, whatever he does.

Good chance Gunner moves on also.

You are definitely one of those. :rofl:
I would agree from their first year in the program. Romney’s arm looked stronger and more accurate than Hall’s. But, this year I would not agree. Hall’s arm is much stronger and even more accurate. Romney just didn’t look that good in the Bowl Game and his mobility a real issue. With Conover and a couple others coming up Romney just won’t have much playing time.
I hope he lands somewhere that he gets to play more. I wonder if his brother will leave for the draft now?

All but one category… and in today’s game, the most important category. If a QB isn’t mobile he will get eaten alive. Pocket awareness, mobility, decision making are critical.

Also, I think Romney was too small. I said this before but he looks small out on the field. Anyhow, Hall is the better all around QB IMO. I hope Romney finds a place to land.

I like this guy as a pocket quarterback. I wish him well wherever he goes. I was hoping he would play against BSU two months ago because you did beat them the previous year. Thank you Baylor by being a BYU quarterback.

The only thing i can say to what you posted is this:

Who are two of the best QB’S currently in the NFL and maybe of all time?

Aaron Roger and Tom Brady….

neither one of them are considered to be a mobile quarterback…

enough said.:joy:

That’s NFL where it’s important not to do a lot of running. But, both of those QBs could and can maneuver and run when needed. Because in college they were mobile. In college it helps a lot to be mobile.

Big loss for BYU. Yes more accurate than Hall, but outside of injury, would never displace Hall-but look how much Hall has been injured. Hopefully Romney goes somewhere where he starts

Too bad for BYU. Not any drop off to speak of with Romney which is unusual in college football. Better hope Conover progresses fast, as Hall has a penchant for injuries. Anyway, good luck Baylor

Wow! You are in the minority on this one. Romney’s arm looked way weak to his freshman year. Accuracy fell off to. Hall got much better. Not sure how injured he was for the bowl game…

only to you Scott, but your knowledge of such things has been known to be less than accurate.

Good grief Floyd. He was short on everything and the velocity wasn’t there. Neither was his mobility. Hopefully he can get some of that back. But your lack of observation ability just got more clear. If I am wrong why is he transferring?

the only short is your memory of his games he played in.

Hall on the other hand always under threw his receivers! even OC. Roderick said he does that…. check it out in the desnews.

SG sure does have a short memory no question about that. And he has no kind things to say to some good players like Baylor Romney.
Floyd you might as well stop taking his bait and move on on this hopper.

Yea, sometimes I do it for entertainment value.

That was early in the season that he said that. He continued to improve. Romney did not. It’s as simple as that. On other BYU forums and social media they get this and agree. Oh, there’s an occasional Edwards that just wants to argue. We tolerate them, right Craig :slight_smile:

Disagree. I think we need to define the term “mobile”. I don’t think mobile means being able to take off and run 20 yards or more if a pass option isn’t there. I see mobility as a term that includes being able to run but more importantly I think it has more to do with awareness, pocket presence, abitlity to evade tacklers, make throws on the run, etc. and both Brady and Rodgers do that very well. There are a lot of drop back pocket passers that aren’t mobile in today’s game that aren’t faring very well. The ones that can sense pressure, move around in the pocket, evade sacks, etc. are mobile QB’s.