Salt lake tribune

I was reading the salt lake tribune on line… and wondering if they have a problem with the church, BYU or just lds people in general. I think it is kind of sad for whomever the editor is that they write the articles they do sometimes.

Today there was an article about how Utah had signed a 4 star QB that was recruited by all the big schools like Alabama, USC, etc. which makes me wonder why he would choose Utah over those schools. Then, in a sub article below that headline article was one about BYU signing a 3 star QB from Texas who was “black” which they mentioned frequently throughout the article.

Interestingly, I just went to the site and that article is no longer there, pulled for a different one that doesn’t mention those facts. That is weird…

I believe he is the first black QB. Is this a big deal? I think it is if he becomes the starter. The media will talk more about BYU and the Church. And, that is always good. There is always a spike in baptisms when more is said about the Church.

Whether the Tribune has an some covert anti-LDS agenda or not would be hard to say but they often publish articles that cast the church in a bad light. Maybe they are trying so hard to be objective in the heartland of Mormondom that they bend over so far backwards to be balanced that they go overboard. It would appear that many Tribune readers are overtly anti-LDS based on comments they make on various Tribune articles that pertain to the church. Personally I will read the Deseret News which is owned by the Church and promotes the Church. The Church’s agenda is Christ’s agenda and the Tribune has an agenda to make their readers happy. Many of their readers are very happy when some secular rant, masquerading as journalism, is negative toward Christ’s Church.

As an aside I just read that President Monson died. I personally mourn his loss but take comfort in the fact that Christ is at the helm and another Prophet, Seer, and Revelator will guide the church and give inspired counsel to the world at large. President Monson was an apostle since 1963. He was a fixture in the leadership of the church most of my teenage years and my entire adult life.

Just another imaginary “fact” trumped up by the grasshopper. You have no real idea whether this is true or not, it just sounds cool or you “heard it” somewhere.


President Monson played a very important role during a difficult challenge in the life of my family. It involved something that strengthened my testimony of the gospel and the truth of the Holy Ghost, among other things.

He was a personal friend, a great man and a prophet of God. There is no doubt in my mind and heart.

Prove me wrong with your facts then… oh, you can’t :wink:

I’m not the one who made the statement so there is no burden of proof on me. You are the one that needs to prove it. I happen to think it is bogus and there is no connection, prove me wrong with the facts to back up what you are saying.

One of the guys that got me into the church in high school Father was best friends with President Monson.

At my friend’s father funeral, in walked President Monson. I heard some interesting stories about “Tommy Monson”.

But I thought that was so gracious of a man who would take time out of his busy schedule to go to a friends funeral.

In fact he made this comment “If you are too busy to attend the funeral of your friend, then your priorities are in the wrong place”.

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