San Diego, the best place to visit

Our hands down place to visit, we always rent a condo on the beaches. Surfing, beach walking, not bad fly fishing, fooooood and historic places, museums, Sea world. Love it. But to play San Diego…they suck.

Ranked 225, they are very young, focus on the 3 why too much, They’re best player, 6’3 Calcaterra, shoots the most 3s, 94 and counting, is one of the worst % wise, and their best 3 shooter, 6’7 Jean-Marie, shoots the best % but has the least shots taken at 34…kinda screwed up. They get to the hoop about as much as BYU does, so they can’t get folks in foul trouble.
The upside, they did give ranked Stanford a scare (62-59) back in Dec. but I seriously doubt that they win more then a game or two in League play. BYU is favored by 20…I’ll say higher.

You fish at Sea World? :joy:

Remember that these are crackerbox gyms and in the past we tend to play like we are back in high school. They will try to get Haws to hog the ball and the rest of the team will fall in suit. We let LMU back in the game. No easy games in the WCC.

This game is a home game so there won’t be any issue with a crackerbox gym.

Fisherman was speaking about all the bottom feeders. So, we will have to play most of them in their gyms as well. It bothers me some that Gonzaga is after the Thursday game. I’m sure some players will the thinking ahead which is a problem.

So SD has mostly younger players this year. Still scratching my head how we lost to them last year in the wcc tourney.
Anyway, we should be fine tomorrow night at the MC.

Fly fishing in San Diego, make sure throw back the Dolphin please. :smile:

On other post you mentioned to me about fly fishing seminar at Weber State(?) and Weber River in Feb. Is that a little odd time of the year. I know people fly fish during winter time during winter time. But anyway, I like to attend to this as you mentioned to me. Do I need to register or show up when and where?

I posted what Coach Pope said about Childs time table on his return and not a peep. 7-10 days but most like 2 weeks. I think another 3 weeks minimum. We need him now for the tournament.

I didn’t say anything about Yoeli playing any time soon. I know what Coach Mark Pope said and including what you were saying. Again, I & we don’t expect to see Yoeli playing for a while and let his index finger heal “QUICKLY.”
And I won’t make a peep when Yoeli will return.
Feel better Hopper? And don’t tell me that I was attacking you like you did at me.
BYU men’s basketball team will do fine tonight W/O Yoeli. Is that better?

You are the one doing the attacking. Show me where I attacked you? This is an example of a microcosm of Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s called Grasshopper Derangement Syndrome

Remember, you are a “Flamethrower.” And no I am not related to Donald Trump. :zap:

You are reacting like the Democrats do towards Trump. So, there you are. In fact, so are others. Even when I don’t respond. Even when I respond with perfect posts. Even when I respond with great analogies and logic. You and others have a conniption fit.

Now, about tonight’s game. We won. Made a lot of mistakes. We have to come out fires up on Saturday but not out of control. We need to move the ball better and not so much dribbling or GU will steal the ball often. Square up on shots and don’t miss layups and free throws.

Here you again flamethrower like you do to many Cougar Fan Nation. I don’t pay attention to politics and who wants to watch Jerry Springer show on those Democrat debates? And if you bring it up again about politic stuff on Cougarfan message board - “I will ignore them!”

Colby Lee was perfect on his shooting night, 7-7 with 1-1 3’s. Yes, we can’t start slow or stall at all during the entire game to stay with the Zags.

Yes, so he shot better than Childs does while scoring 21 points. Maybe Lee should start over Childs? Just like Romney should start over Wilson? :joy:

Did you see his interview last night? The media guys were praising him for the job he did, and immediately focused that it was all about what his team mates were doing.

Very humble guy… He also said he was a little surprised the crowd starting chanting his name during the game. “Kind of weird” he said.

Flame throwing again Scott? no where does Dew say anything close to what you posted, nor did he imply anything close to that… Now back to ignoring your posts.

Too bad he didn’t get playing time over Worthington last year. He would be even better this year if he had. I know Baxter and Childs were ahead of him but he couldn’t have been worse than Worthington.

So do you think Romney should start over Wilson? The analogy is a valid one. By the way, before the season began, I was suggesting the starting line up should be Lee and Childs starting with Childs at the 4. Actually, with both shooting well from 3’s either one could play the 4. It’s just Childs can drive so much better and quicker.

No flame throwing.

I agree with that too. I wonder if Worthington is assisting coaching somewhere.

If Wilson continues to make the same stupid decisions at key times in the game and not looking like the is learning from his mistakes then “YES”, I think Romney should be the starter,.

Just curious, was he a RM last year? That may have been an issue because he was not in shape. But then again, Rose was known to play his favorites at times.

Yes he is a RM. He wasn’t very good either. But, he seemed to have some upside and could make layups that Worthington would miss. Like Nixon still does although not as often. Lee worked real hard in the off season to get into shape.