San Diego, why we won

Big win, separates BYU from the rest for the moment, now we just have to get by LMU on the road and get home and take care of business.

In a nutshell, BYU won because we shot over 50% from 3land, something BYU has not done since Jimmer…and TJ went all world on these guys.

Our FTs were pathetic, we got a total of 29 rebounds in a overtime game and Baxter fouls out. This game should of been a loss. period.

Other factors, BYU only had 7 turnovers for the game, SDU had 18. We got all of their big 4 in foul trouble so they had to tone it down and the certainly was a big factor. Childs hitting 3s at the right times was a big factor.

I just think that BYU has great leadership in TJ and Childs and the rest know their roles. Cannon has proven me wrong, he does so many things right now. Emery is playing his best ball now. Seljaas has been a defensive joke out there. Worthington had himself a good game. To win on the road at SDU will get everyone including the bracket people talking. It is a race between SFU, SMC and BYU now.

So BYU has the toughest remaining 4 games left. @ LMU, SFU, @ GU, SDU. 1 loss for sure, maybe 2.

SFU has only one tough game left, @ BYU, Plays SDU at home. They are also a bubble NCAA team. BYU win at home would get BYU in the bubble talk.

SMC gets to lose to Gonzaga again and @ SDU. I think SDU does BYU a big favor and puts SMC over in the Gonzaga bracket as a 4th seed.

This win for BYU was so very big.

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oh, and 12 steals, Emery and Cannon had 3 each. 12 steals is unheard of.

SDU has to dying right now, knowing that they had the Pepperdine game won and this game won and they barfed it all up. I hope is does not ruin their season and they quit. They could sure help BYU if they play the spoiler.