San Fran was a good win any way you look at it

BYU is exactly at the mid way point of the year. That San Fransisco game had “Trap” written all over it and last year, it would have been a loss. We had 5 bad losses last year and that killed us. So far BYU is on tract, not great, but on track.

The things BYU did great last nigh…We shut down Boum, almost completely shut him down. Credit goes to Eli…You may say Eli had a poor night (17), as in he did not have his gawdy numbers, but Eli stopped their 25 a night guy (Boum only got 7 points all night…and Eli was on Fuego at the end of the game when we made the little spurt to put the game away.

We outshot them in their gym both % wise and from long distance, means we are defending well.

Hardnett had his best night as a cougar, made three baskets at the rim, banging hard. As poor as his defense was in the SMC game, he came up big on SF, locking down Boum on switchoffs and holding Ferrari to 2 asissts.

Haws played frustrated because they go at him and he gets fouls called but he played a very controled game and lead the team in asissts.

This is the Childs/Bryant show, no way around that but I love how everyone else chips in their 5-7 points here and there.

The only complaint I have is we just can’t defend the rim down low. Childs gets two quick fouls and we are in trouble.

If Rose had played Dastrup more early in the season, the low post defense would be better than it is.

I disagree that they are on track, but I am Mr. Negative… A win vs. SMC would have put them on track. The win vs. USF is a good one and it gets them close to the track. They need more to get them on it.

Dastrup has the length to defend down low, but not at the rim. McCarthy was getting the ball too deep for anyone to defend

They fell off against Pacific…

I am generally pretty positive until a loss like the last one and I should expect that to happen a minimum of at least once a year since the WCC years. Some years it happens 2 or 3 times. It is maddening because it should only happen on rare occasion. It should be an anomaly not a regular occurrence. You can forgive a loss like that on occasion but it shouldn’t be the expectation for a program like BYU year after year. Rose won almost all the games he was supposed to win in the Mountain West Conference and that is the way it should be in the WCC. Even pre-Jimmer Rose typically won the games he was supposed to win.

Now BYU will be the decided underdog in at least 3 more games and probably against San Diego on the road. The Pacific game has put me in a negative frame of mind about this team.
They could lose 6-7 conference games and I was thinking prior to the St. Mary’s loss that they would lose 3-4 in conference at worst base on how they finished the non-conference schedule.

Our inside game is weak and inconsistent.

I think that Pacific will contend with their new HC and the depth they have in the back court.