San Fransisco treat

BYU knocks out its first road challenge after a very slow start…SMC also started very slow last night against SF before they woke up.

SF is a team that is very different from the smaller, scrappy Pacific…These dudes are tall, as in 7 footers. SF gets things done by committee rather then by star power. They have good guards but their height will cause BYU problems. Keys to the game:
1-Don’t get into foul trouble- Lee, Childs and Nixon.
2-BYU needs to get its 3 going to spead the floor for Childs to work.

Cover Bouyea with Barchellos and keep 7’ Lill off the boards. These guys will put a lot more points on the board at home then the 48 they choked up at SMC. Go Cougs,

What a bad loss! What happened? 14 point lead and then turnover city and bricking shots. Oh, and no defense. This team may have problems finishing the league games with this nonsense.

What happened?

I didn’t see the game as it wasn’t on tv anywhere but I heard it and it pretty much summarizes this team EVERY season!

Here it is in a nutshell, this isn’t the first time you have heard me say this.

Pope is a good coach and has made this team better. You can’t coach mental toughness, it is something that is learned and developed through experience and maturity. BYU is a team of delusional, immature talent that has been told from an early age how great they are and they believe it. This phenomenon is what keeps the team from ever really progressing beyond exactly what you see, year in and year out. Even when you see (or hear) games like this take place, nothing changes. They will be upset and ticked off in the locker room but they will also be making excuses about being better than that, bad luck, poor officiating and the delusion will continue. They will never acknowledge that they choked, that they need to grow up and stay in control or that they truly are better than that… only if they CHOOSE to be and do something about it.

Unfortunately that never happens and the delusion perpetuates itself over and over, year in and year out. It never changes. It is a disease caused by the air in happy valley and by the culture there, There is little chance that it will ever change.

I heard Wrubell talking about how their chances to challenge Gonzaga were slipping away… LOL! what chances? The ones that never existed?

Yoeli is a great player but he has no mental toughness. You can’t choke free throw attempts. Haws is a good player with no mental toughness. You can’t give up technical fouls because of poor self control. Toolson is a good player but you can’t shoot yourself out of a win because you made shots the last game. Do something else to help the team for crying out loud, don’t shoot away a victory with poor shots and decisions!

Those are the team leaders and they failed in the mental toughness aspect of the game when it mattered.

That is why BYU will never change.

I agree with most of it. I didn’t see the game. Childs is plenty tough. He shouldn’t be out there yet and he is. That finger still hurts a lot and he plays. But, we can’t miss free throws at critical times. That’s not what lost it. The technical did. Poor defense did. Going 6 minutes without scoring while giving up 19 points did. Turning the ball over after only having 2 in the first half did. This game hurt our chances for the NCAAs. We still have a shot but have to win out. The only loss we can have would be to GU. I’m happy to see when we got down 13 we didn’t quit and had a chance at the end. The techs hurt.

Do you not see how all of those things are symptomatic of what the problem is every year?

Same old story, same old song and dance…

Aerosmith tune from the 70’s. I will reminisce here for a moment. Yes, the 70’s was a great decade for classic rock and roll music.

Nothing really changes. BYU still believes they are good enough to challenge Gonzaga for the wcc title, still good enough to make the ncaa tournament and other delusions.

The truth is they are really only delusional.

This was a close statistical game. The difference was two things:

  1. Haws technical
  2. No defense on Shabbaz

Defense in the second half was again poor.
I know Harding has a knee injury. But he played 21 minutes and no points. And Shabbaz goes off for 32 points. What happened to the 2 other guards that were playing earlier in the season?

Well I did see the game live on tv here in Utah which was on local KJZZ14. Anyway, I can’t tell very well with how bad my eyes are but I DID SEE THAT TJ HAWAS GETTING A TECHNICAL CALL ON HIM. When will he stop making excuses, did you know he is expecting a child right now (or already did)? He hasn’t grown up still.
Don’t blame Yoele for missed free throw at the end because of his finger. 2nd half, SF scored 21 to BYU “ZERO” points. Yes Jim said it, No Maturity to most BYU players. Yoeli didn’t have to worry about free throw if we were still ahead in this whole game.
As for 3 wcc teams potential of getting in the ncaa dance? Forget it when I knew it would never happen again. SMC and BYU are not very good. The only way IF GU will let one team in the dance that GU should lose that last game. Like what Zags did for smc last year (I still wonder if Zags really did it for them).
I know you Cougarfan guys will say, BYU still has a chance. Well not me, not until we win it out or when ncaa committees say that we are in.

This game should have been a WIN TODAY for BYU.

The referees were letting them play too much. But, let the coach decide on whether a technical is needed to wake up the refs and/or the team. TJ needs to keep his mouth shut. He played a good game. Shot well and not too much. His foul shooting this year has been poor compared to his capability.

We lost the game with poor second half defense. Shabbaz goes off for 32 points. A bench player? We lost it playing weak defense in the second half.

How do you critique a game you never saw? Keep the rabbit in the hole and let someone who actually saw the game relate what they saw. All I know is they were up big and then were down big before I had a chance to eat dinner and that they lost shooting plus 50 percent from the field and were called for very few fouls and had way more assists and they lost. Sounds cloaked up to me but again I didn’t see it and apparently neither did you

I listened to the game. Did you? It was evident by those watching and announcing we went cold for a spell while our defense stunk. You let a bench player go off for 32 points and their team out shoot you percentage wise and from the FT, defense failed us. TJ’s technicals are hurting us even though he had a good shooting game.

Yet you used my expertise question on why we didn’t play defense and let a bench player go off for 32 points. Plagerism :rofl:

Did you listen to the game? I did. So, I know what was happening. Also, after decades of coaching. I know what was happening based on the statistics. You can’t?

Why not watch the game and then pontificate:

It’s already been played and this wasn’t that hard to know what happened. Most of the stats are equal except a bench player who plays 25 minutes and scores 32 points. And, we lose by one and Haws has a technical. No defense and a hothead.

Hahahahahaha, I see you. Hopper will always comment, the trick is not to respond to a bi-polar narcist.

I did see the game. SF got red hot at home.
Shabazz hit every shot he took.
Shabazz is not a starter, BYU did not prepare for him because he is a non factor in games. This kind of thing happens to every team during the season. A guy gets red hot and wins a game. Ask Duke about Stephen F Austin at Duke (something that has not happened in about 9 years). I had this game circled all year long as a danger game and we got bit, There is a reason why certain games are circled on the schedule. Away games in strange gyms and mojo make winning very tough

Two things BYU have been weak on, one historically, bit us. 1- BYU has been very good this season at close outs and stopping guards from going off on us but historically we never had quick guards to cover. BYU fell back to earth at SF when we let guards determine the flow, scoring and ultimately, the game.
2- Free throw, BYU historically has been a very good FT team, this year we are average. Haws, a close to 90% at the line during his career has deteriorated to 66% this season. Childs has always struggled at the line and to put the game on his shoulders with 17 seconds when they missed easy shots all game is unfair.

Yes, Haws got a tech, and yes it cost us, he has always been pouty and disrespectful of refs calls. It is part of his competitive makeup.

In the big picture. BYU has no bad losses this year. They certainly belong in the dance picture with their resume. BYU have 9 games left, 4 are road games against Porland, LMU, SD, Pepperdine. I would take a 8-1 to end the season.
Gonzaga will go the rest of the way with maybe a loss at BYU.

SMC has 3 tough road games, Gon, BYU, SClara. They will lose 2.

BYU has had 5 games where opponents hit close the 50% of their 3s.
Va Tech- win
San Diego-win
All road games except SDSU and they are ranked #1 in the Dance Card.

BYU hit 15-27 from 3 at SF. That is a win 97% of the time

Jim: “Same old story, same old song and dance…” Me: from football to basketball, every year. Not champions, rest of the pack teams, yearly. Yes, delusions of grandeur, which I guess are good enough.,

Thanks Chris I appreciate the run down on the game. These kind of losses have been happening to everyone in the NCAA, even Gonzaga this year. Going over the stats, this was a game you would expect to win but, frankly, SF just played a little better-giving opposition the credit they have due is usually something fans don’t want to do, but in reality it’s probably closer to the reality. BYU still has a lot to play for and at least the next few games I get to watch

But Burton did not see the game and still commented stating the same thing I did before him. Some more of your Grasshopper Derangement Syndrome :grinning: Other than that, we agree on everything else.

I take it you were a little frustrated with the loss. After reading everything about mental toughness, I would offer a slightly different view. San Fran got red hot at home and BYU missed some free throws at the end. Pope is nothing like Rose, these guys have been playing defense all year long. We are ranked 74th defensively whereas our past Rose years were somewhere around 300. Pope rests his guys, Rose never did and Pope certainly does not play favoritism.
See you at the Big Dance, oh, and welcome back

Ahhh…we only played 8 and Seljaas didn’t play much. We may then have been too tired in the 2nd half of a tough two game swing. Perhaps you could talk with Pope about that as you seem to be at practices and know everything:-)