Santa Clara tonight

I smell a triple double for KC. He already has five or six rebounds

Selfish!!! Come on KC stop hogging the ball. And Fish stop driving the lane and scoring :wink:

Byu making it look very easy Santa Clara is beat up missing two of its starters and it shows

Although our D is doing well we are missing layups again. Clean that up and a little bit better from the FT we should win pulling away.

Don’t really care who won the game, just like every other BYU fan these days. Does anybody really care if they win or lose? Basketball isn’t about winning or losing anymore…

It is all about personal accomplishments and records! So here we go!

Collinsworth and his triple double record will continue against the dregs of the wcc… and there are plenty of opportunities left. Santa Clara really sucks.

How many more 20+ point games does Fischer need to set some kind of record? Let’s get it done for the sake of the team!

How many 3 pointers does Zac Seljaas need to set a freshman record? He better not shoot from anywhere but outside the arc the rest of the way!

Can Austin set a record for most charges taken by a BYU player over 6’10"? I know somebody is keeping a stat on it, so let’s go after that one too!

There has got to be something here for Emery too… most fake threes and then drive to the basket layups while falling down? I know there is a stat for that… let’s make sure Emery is aware of it so he can get it!

Aytes, Chatman, Hartsock and whomever else is getting less than 10 minutes a game need to continue to sit, even if BYU is up 30 with 4 minutes to go. We need those records! This is all about personal accomplishments !!! winning is secondary and who cares if you embarrass your opponent in the process? It’s all about the personal records!!!

Yep that was pretty blatant. But I side on Rose and the records, it brings a lot of news to BYU

No, it’s about being entertaining and winning big so the students and fans will show up to the game. It’s for the players and yes, stats, records are part of sports and always have been. And, people are noticing BYU and the Church.
Look, the bench warmers knew from the beginning what it takes to get playing time. So why are you caring about them? That’s silly. Chances are next year they won’t be on the team with the returning players. It is what it is. I’m sure they would like to play but they are happy to be on the team too.

Absolutely. Also, this is what everyone has wanted. The team playing as a team and thumping someone. When they finally do, they find something else to trash the team. I’m starting to wonder if these negative voices are really Utah trolls?

Yeah… some guy just got baptized the other day and he said the reason he became interested in the church was because KC had a bunch of triple doubles… LOL!

Nope but he found out that KC served a mission (where Kellon is going) in Russia and it intrigued him. So, he knew someone who is a member and the missionaries taught him. He just happened to turn on the TV to watch a sports game and tuned in. Why was that game on? Because BYU has gotten noteriety from KC breaking a record. Probably partially true. So, sit back and enjoy the games when we play really well.

Did they show this on TV last night?

Clever BYU students troll Utah with hard hats, ‘safety first’ signs

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My daughter is a BYU student, knows all the guys on the team, is close friends with several, and goes to all the games. Big fan. My older daughter graduated a year ago and knows the guys who have been around awhile–KC, Fischer, Jamal, etc–really well, and has for years. My girls LOVE to see the triple doubles and root hard for them. They call home exited about KC setting another record. Maybe because I’m older I don’t care as much about the TD thing–ESPECIALLY in a 30 point blowout where the TD is literally fabricated by coach and team in the last 8 minutes–but my daughters are big fans and are much closer to the school and the team than I am, and they love it. When I talk to my daughters I can see how much the BYU students care about it, and if Coach Rose is using KC’s considerable talents to hype up the student body, more power to him. I’m okay with it too.

Not afraid to disagree with you on this one Tom. Hopefully you will still respect my opinions and ideas but I am more in agreement with Reed (Aro) on this. I don’t like it for a couple of different reasons, particularly at this point in the season and specifically last night.

  1. KC has already broken the record for triple doubles in a season and in a career. So what is the motivation now?

  2. I think it was disrespectful to Santa Clara in last nights game. It was clear the Broncos were going to lose this game but it was much worse, they were humiliated.

Is that what we do at BYU now? What happened to the time when BYU showed some class and won by 20+ with dignity and respect? KC actually had a nice steal and open run to the basket yet hesitated and looked for a trailer to pass to… why? And then, after he had made his 10th assist, he calls time out? with a couple minutes left in the game? So he can strut off the court? It’s no wonder others get a chip on their shoulder about the holier than thou attitude. I think Krystowhack is a jerk for cancelling the game but maybe I understand him a little more now. In the meantime, our AD, coaches and players all stand around with this befuddled look on their faces wondering what the problem is… just more of the clueless bubble mentality. Honestly, how do you think the Santa Clara players took that loss last night? What do you think they talked about after the game? Interested to hear your response to these questions because i have more thoughts to share.

Yes Russ, they did show some of the students with hard hats and safety first signs and it was pretty funny. :smiley:

Krystowhack is taking some heat on this one and deservedly so. I can’t believe they didn’t discuss this more thoroughly at utah before making the decision. It says more about the individual biases of the coach and president of the school (where was the AD in all this?) than it does about anything else.

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I moved my comments to the other thread…

Technically correct for career. The “offical” record has been broken. Prior to officially counting triple-doubles in the NCAA, Oscar Robertson had 10 over his career at Cincinnati.

Check out page 6…

Oh no… I hope none of the stats guys, coaches or players reads your comment here Russ. If they do BYU might spend the rest of the season helping KC break Robertson’s “unofficial” record.

I can’t say it would surprise me though. :dizzy_face:

You bring up a good point when you ask if it disrespects SCU. It is a valid point. Something I would use to motivate myself or players if I was an opposing coach.

The NCAA looks for intriguing stories when they are selecting teams for the big dance. BYU and KC are certainly a intriguing story. So while I was uncomfortable about how blatant the TD was, I think it far outweighs the bad with the good it does for the basketball program and KC’s legacy.

Krysto…taking heat? Understatement of the year.

Thanks for having some class and being willing to at least think about something other than KC getting another TD. I agree with you that it helps the program and brings publicity to the team… I guess I am just not happy about how it is being done and the downside of what it does.

Anybody who thinks it is just about BYU and KC is well… thinking of themselves first. That is called selfishness. :grinning: