Scouting Arkansas at BYU

Can I just start out by saying, Will the real BYU please stand up? Why it is that we are 6 games into the season and we have major problems at kicker and can’t seem to get the ball into our best players hands?

What you saw at the ND game will repeat in the Arkansas game if our coaches don’t start earning their huge paychecks.

Arkansas has a better QB then Payne for ND. Jefferson for Ark. is more like Hall then any QB we will face. He can throw and he is very mobile. He was injured in the Geogia game and Ark. struggled, losing their last 3 games without him…he is back and will hand off to Ark. do everything RB, Saunders, accounts for about 1/3 of Arkansas production. Jefferson will throw to their NFL talent, Haselwood.
These dudes can score points, and of course, we have Tuiaki…Advantage Arkansas

When BYU has the ball, We should be able to score plenty, Arkansas D is ranked 43rd. ND was 14.
Time for Nacua, Romney and Rex to all have big games.

Better not come down to special teams. Ugh.

In a shootout, BYU scores more…34-31

what say you?

One last thing, Hall should stay one more year at BYU, learn to destroy teams with the best receiving talent BYU has even seen, Make some major noise in the Big 12. I’m out

Hall has big talent but he also has injury issues that will hamper him in the NFL. The hits he takes in college will be nothing like the NFL. What really worries me is that he gets hurt on plays that really shouldn’t hurt him. Bone structure or tissue/ligament issues are present in Hall. He is just a half hit away from being hurt. I am not fully in on his ability to be NFL starting material.

What QB in the NFL hasn’t had the same issues? Not many. Stick to needle point.

Yep, 2019 he got a season ending concussion against USU on a play where he was barely hit. He got hurt last year before the bowl game and didn’t play. He missed the Utah St game last year and has played injured the last 5 quarters. He has an injury to his throwing arm. That is a big deal. Robbie Bosco was an NFL talent but played his entire senior year with an arm injury and ended up a 7th round draft pick and never played a down in the NFL. Gary Sheide suffered a serious shoulder injury in the Firsta Bowl his senior season and it cost him a shot in the NFL. He was Lavell’s first great QB but is forgotten today.

I smell bait!

I’m only pointing out truth. QBs get hurt.