Scouting Cal State Ful

Boy, it took a lot of looking to find any solid news about CSF.
They have 2 guys that everything runs through. 6’7 Lamine Diane and 5’8 Terrell Gomez. Diane is the do everything, rebounding machine and Gomez, the shooter. Check out Ron Artest lll plays for them.

12% win chance for the Titans. BYU 80-71

We did better than your predictions. However, we missed lots of layups and free throws. Something that has been a problem at BYU for a long time. Saturday against SDSU will tell us a lot without Yolie and Baxter. Our rebounding by the guards is good. But the big men get pushed around. And Toolsen doesn’t look all that good yet. I’d start Harding.