Scouting ISU here at the Marriott

One only has to look at the Houston vs. ISU game to know that in the Big 12, Houston @#1 and ISU @#2, Defensively, these guys are powerhouses . And you thought UCF was a tough game to score on…both these teams rank much higher defensively.

ISU took down Houston after trailing virtually the entire game. They are on a roll and come in Ranked 8th in Ken Pom. And they do it by committee. ISU will sub a lot of players and defend your knee caps off.

I have watched every ranked team in the Big 12 but these guys only because they came out of nowhere. I will say this. Houston beats them easily next game, they just over looked them. I also think Houston has been overrated all year long, just based on they’re ability to score. So does that mean ISU is getting too much love after going 2-0 in this week? and BYU under loved after it’s fail vs. Cinn?

1 But I will say this: If BYU is hitting i’s 3s, game over.

2 ISU is a pathetic 19% three point shooting team. They went 3-15 in their 3 Big 12 games, and that is not going to change because ISU does not trust that they can make a 3.

3 On D, BYU is going to have it’s hands full, what ISU lacks in outside scoring, they are very efficient inside.

4 We have to keep track of their “do everything guard”, #3- 6’1 Tamin Lipsay, he killed Houston and every Big 12 team but OK. Every team BYU has faced has a driving/shooting phemon…this is the guy.

5 ISU has a lot of athletic height and they will use it to attack BYU’s only weakness, our big men and inside game. Remember when Cinn went to a 100% inside game and destroyed a completely unprepared BYU? BYU will get 40 straight minutes of that type of game. So guys like Waterman have to step up and defend the inside.

6 On O, ISU has not faced a team like BYU. If they can stifle our 3 point game, We can slip them the Khalifa back cuts. BYU has many more scorers and fire power then Houston had.

7 It is paramount that BYU’s Waterman and Robinson come alive scoring wise, if they can go off even a little bit, BYU becomes a “Who do you cover” type team.

8 The game is late and at home to BYU, Marriott will be rockin. Big advantage BYU

9 If we can get Foos, Khalifa (thank our lucky stars he has played healthy) and Atiki to play well, we should be able to keep up on D inside

10 to sum up, Make some threes, defend the inside and win the board game, turnovers down around 10 for the game and see the new and improved Hall…
BYU Wins.
Low scoring affair
If BYU scores 30 by half
70 for the win.


Maybe the “heat wave” Utah is having (currently 26 degrees) is going to affect the Iowa State players because the current temp in Aimes is 4 degrees (with wind chill means -4 degrees)… :open_mouth:

My grandson is in the Air Force in Nebraska, and he said last night it got down to -27 degrees with the wind chill.

Reminds me of the saying “Many are cold, but few are Frozen”. LOL

From the end of last season the need for help inside was obvious to everyone…some help arrived on the offensive end…(some help is an understatement, Ali Khalifa is competitive for allB12)…but Atiki needs to figure out how to play well without fouling if this team is going to be competitive game in and game out…

obviously if the threes are falling nothing else matters…Pope’s shooters can shoot themselves to victory in any game I think…if …but B12 defenses are among the best in the nation…conference-wise the best defence in the nation…great for prepping for the dance…great for team growth…not so great for the win-loss columns.

Iff Waterman and Atiki can get enough psyche help, this team will be a legit contender in the B12…I am not counting on it…but blue goggles hopeful.

I don’t think Hall is a star…the Cincinatti game proved that…but I don’t see him as the weakness you seem to so effectively articulate.
Like the need for a big, in the off-season, Pope went shopping and Glover was a turncoat…Jax’s future in the NBA is likely as a combo so he needs more time at point…hopefully his more time at point will take the pressure off of Hall and improve overall results.
Non-conference blowouts were fun…but the advantage of a slightely more difficult schedule would have been more player development…which would be playing dividends now…but here we are…Go Blue Cougs.
I also would love for the Red Cougs to do well…Kelvin Sampson redemption should have occured at IU-B…but it takes some folks extra time to get their head straight with the rules.

Hall definitely was read the riot act before the UCF game. He got his act together for at least one game

We used to call it hero ball.

Well, Gonzaga played a more difficult pressing than we did but now they are outside looking in. Keep playing the muffins and get really high up in the metrics. Even losses in the Big12 are quad 1 losses. Lose in the WCC and its curtains. Even for Gonzaga.

Well, how about that!

Fun watch wasn’t it!
Well done players and coach.
4 games in and they had a good shot even in the two losses

Next game a super challenge
But they just about all will be in this league

So, how was the biased officials tonight. Did they screw BYU yet again? or heaven forbid, were they biased against Iowa State?

I Know we have so many experts on biased officiating and how these guys have it out for BYU.

Oh wait, BYU won so there was no biased officials.

Love it Floyd! I wonder if the league saw what was going on and talked with the officials. Not that there was active bias. Just the fact BYU was not getting calls that should be calls.

and now two…100% from the floor, 8 assists 3 turnovers…

boy, you could see that coming a mile away.

how many times we got to hear, "Johnson is the oldest player in all of college basketball.

fish, after reading your pre game analysis I will acknowledge that you hit it pretty well. Only off on a couple of the keys to winning but pretty accurate on the others. Nice work.

Pope saved his highest praise for Hall, the point guard who has looked overmatched at times through the first three league contests. He had eight assists to three turnovers, and was 4 of 4 from the floor.

“Dallin Hall’s numbers might not leap out at you on the page, but that dude took a massive step forward as a point guard today. Massive,” Pope said. “What you just saw out there tonight, it has probably been a while since we had a point guard put a performance like that on the board. That was really incredible. Wow.”

Thank you, Jim

When I scouted the the Baylor game, I pointed out to Tom that Baylor has like 8 guys that shoot 40% or better from 3…I said, “Boy, these guys cancel out anything BYU does well”. Forward to ISU, it was opposite. They had just 1, their Fr. Milan Momcilovic Therefore, easy to defend.

After 2 bitter loses to ISU and their dirty play, I wanted BYU to roll them hard. let them know who we really are. Those elbows under the basket all game long finally caught up with them…Their coach acknowledged as much. BYU was much more physical then they had planned. I really liked how Khalifa would hip check any defender that crawled into his space. In the WCC, that would be a OF every time.