Scouting KSU and playing at home

I’ll just lay it out.
1 BYU is home sweet home and the top 10 crowd of all College BBall. The juice will be flowing.

2 The game is at 8 pm in far far away Provo on ESPN 2. This kind of stuff is the difference of not 6 pts, but more like 12 or 14 point swing for the home team.

3 BYU ‘Hopeful’ Aly Khalifa Returns For Kansas State Game (

Khalifa Did NOT practice but Marcus Adams played the entire practice…could it be???
I know Khalifa’s history with a arthritic knee and suspect he retweeked if in the Tx win, mum is the word.

4 Adams plays minutes??? refer to #3.

5 BYU got nothing from Waterman, Saunders and little from Robinson. The reason for a OU blowout, that will not happen twice.

6 BYU has to keep track of #2 Sr. Tyler Perry, he is the 5’11 guard, do everything giant killer.

7 There really 3 guys KSt kills teams with: Perry, Kaluma, and Carter. make someone else beat you.
Saunders, Waterman, Johnson and Robinson will be very busy defending this guys. This guys just got done beating Kansas in OT, They have the ability to beat anyone in the Big 12.typical of the parity in the Big 12.
I keep waiting for all of these guys to get one game where they are all firing on all cylinders…Add Knell to the discussion. Feels like this game is building to get rid of the OU blowout.

8 Will this be the game where we finally see Foos and Khalifa playing at the same time???

Soo much BYU juice and fire power, gonna be a great game.
BYU gets the Vegas OVER and hits 80s, K St can’t keep up.

I hope they don’t pull a Cincinnati in this game. That was the most disappointing loss of the year because it was at home to a team everybody thought they would beat. As bad as it was losing to Utah the Cincinnati game was worse. All the other loses I can live with.

They must not lose anymore home games and hopefully beat Ok St on the road. There are no gimmes in the Big Twelve. Even the weakest teams in the Big Twelve would be in the top half of the WCC and we used to lose a game or two every year in the WCC we had no business losing.

They should beat Kansas State. I watched the Kansas game and I though that Kansas got several bad calls in a row during a stretch of the game around the 6 minute mark that allowed Kansas State to find their way back into it.

Kansas couldn’t recover or should I say overcome that stretch and ended up losing, though they had opportunities to win. That is how it goes sometimes. These games and teams are so competitively close, and I include BYU in that discussion, that a couple of bad calls can turn the momentum or the flow of a game in favor of one team or another and help influence an outcome.

That is why fair and objective officiating is so important. If BYU gets that in this game I think they win by 10+. I don’t care if BYU drives to the basket and draws contact like all their opponents supposedly do every game. All I expect is that if a call is made on one end of the floor, then that same call needs to be made on the other end of the floor as well. I have seen it happen on a number of occasions and I have seen it not happen on a few as well. I know it is possible but it remains to be seen.

If KS drives attempting to draw a foul and then Hall drives fading away not trusting draw a foul, it isn’t the same play. So, how can the same call be made? Most of the time no 2 plays are identically performed. Referring is subjective.

Once again you cite an example of something that I am not talking about. There is no point in doing that other than to prove to yourself whatever it is you are trying to prove. I am talking about similar calls on fouls by both teams. BYU’s opponents often grab and hold in an effort to slow them down and it is not called, yet when BYU plays similar type defense they are called for it frequently.

I hope that helps.

The last few games, our offense has gone to a more aggressive approach with Fouss scoring a lot down low. The balance in the number of fouls has improved suggesting that refs are calling those fouls more balanced like. If we go back to more finesse play, then the numbers will also change back. The girls played Cin. today and won by 12. The foul shots were lopsided to Cin. 19-6. Yet, we won by 12. I just don’t see the bias against BYU. It’s something you see but most of us don’t.

You can “suggest” all you want. I prefer to watch and analyze the game as it unfolds and how it is played by the players and how it is officiated by the refs. Now listen closely here…

I am fine with a disparity in the number of fouls called and free throws taken by whatever team in a game as long as a whistle is blowing when the fouls are called OBJECTIVELY and FAIRLY. If an opponent is reaching or grabbing or holding a BYU player as he is cutting or dribbling the ball then a BYU player should be allowed the same on their end of the floor. If an opponent drives hard and creates some form of contact that deserves a whistle and free throws then a BYU player who does the same in a similar way deserves a whistle and free throws. NOTE - I did not say every time or in every situation. I just want CONSISTENCY and OBJECTIVE/FAIR calls.

If you can’t understand what I am saying this time the situation is hopeless and doesn’t need a response from you or anyone else.

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Did you actually watch the game? I did.

What was the difference in the outcome? BYU moved the ball and got lots of open shots from the outside as well as the inside. Also, in spite of the lopsided calls and free throws given to Cincinatti in an effort to help them, the Bearcat women played horrible defense and shot a terrible field goal percentage. The reason the shot so many free throws is that the officials chose to try and bail them out on their poor shooting by calling a lot of sketchy fouls. I watched the game. I don’t think you did which is a major problem in that your analysis typically involves looking at a box score and creating a picture based on that. Next time watch and analyze the game as it is being played.

Funny how you always point to the stats on the number of fouls. Maybe you don’t realize that you do this. It’s possible.

Of course there are other reasons for winning. Those things I always focus on instead of worrying about the referees. Make the shots. Especially the easy ones. Move the ball and don’t be so predictable. Change up the offense some. Keep turnovers to a minimum. Stop unnecessary reaching in fouls. All the things you can control. Not the subjective ones you can’t.

Other than the officiating, what is there that can be subjective?

Sounds like an admission, on your part, of what you always accuse me of. Subjectively speaking BYU is on the short side of officiating more often than not. You have mentioned this on numerous occasions when texting.

I will do the same analysis that I do every game. I will watch and I will observe how the game is being called. If it is fair and objective I will state as much. If not, I will state that as well.

Nice try. Didn’t work. I don’t complain about the number of fouls or foul shots as a reason for a loss. I watch the offense and defense and what they are doing. The refs are out of my control. Makes it much more fun and enjoyable to watch. Like when I watch the women’a game. I don’t expect to see high flying slam dunks playing above the rim. Makes it easier to enjoy the games.

Will anybody from Byu hit a free throw tonight? What the freaking heck is going on with these guys

Al the missed layups and 3 point shots. We should be up by 30


does this team insist on going into a funk almost every game? It is almost like it is expected now… for BYU to play well, get a good lead, take control of a game, etc. and then just let it slip away. How many things can you do to let the other team back into a game? Well, let’s see

  1. Miss easy layups on your home floor.
  2. Miss lots of free throws and watch the other team make them on YOUR home floor.
  3. take bad 3 point shots with no confidence, even though you have made several to get the lead.

What an excruciatingly painful win. I am happy for the win but dang, to say BYU is a collection of head cases that struggle to finish wins is an understatement. It’s like a disease.

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its called, “Protecting Lead Syndrome”. Never works but hey, murphy’s law says it could work once…

Your description is far better then mine.

Cue the Hopper…

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We are in agreement. Why do we play down to these teams in the Big12

I don’t think it is “playing down”. All of the teams in this conference are pretty good. It is nerves and poise and BYU struggles with it all the time. If the game is seemingly out of reach, BYU finds a way to let their opponent back into it. 16 point lead with 5 minutes to go? No worries says a Kansas State team that wasn’t playing well at all… this is BYU, they will fold at some point and give us a chance.

I’ve asked before… does anyone know if BYU athletics has a sports psychologist?

They could sure use one.

no they do not a single psych…they have three team psychologists and each player has regular meetings with his assigned psych along with larger meetings…earlier in the Season Pope was boasting about this secret sauce…check out the coach pope show broadcasts from early…if you care to get the details