Scouting LMU - BYU wins

They are a solid team. They are 17-9 including great wins over UNLV and Georgetown. And we all know how tough they played Gonzaga a couple days ago. Their leading scorer is James Batemon averaging 16.7. He only shoots 28% from 3, and is very streaky. Batemon is also excellent on defense at 1.7 spg.

Markusson is good inside and we need to put a body on him.

This will be a tough game. I agree with Fish on this possibly being a letdown for us. But we are playing very well right now and I see a BYU win 68-64.

Baxter needs to spend more time on his free throw shooting. Only shooting 48% on the season and going down. It would help his confidence overall and make him a better player if he could hit his free throws at closer to 70%.

Lazy play all 1st half. Nice finish

Yep, lazy passing, a lot of arm defense, but loved the finish. If Yoeli can get under control on offense should be a great second half.

I thought Baxter should be playing for the Golden State Warriors??? :thinking:

Great finish, again. Baxter had a good game. Yolie and Haws were up and down with some ridiculous turnover. All-in-all, good shooting and we figured out their offense better and just better finishers. Oh, Rose out coaches LMU coach and USD coach.

Great call on the score of there. Craig

I didn’t dare say anything I’m just hoping we get these road wins. This is the first time since we came to the WCC that we haven’t dropped road games to bottom feeder WCC teams. Not that LMU is a bottom feeder

Gotta hand it to Craig. He called both of those wins.

I know, I didn’t have the guts to do it. Now I can exhale and hope they represent well at home but certainly we are sitting in the driver seat now

Haws the road killer. I know LMU going to see Baxter in their Nightmares

Well he was 100% on his shooting today 6-6 2’s but yes he needs to work on his FT 1-3.
Anyway, sloppy win but a win is a win.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to quit my day job and move to Vegas. It would be just like our Cougs to improbably drop one at home next week.

Great win. LMU sure played lousy down the stretch, just like SD had a nice lead then also faltered. Maybe our team is well conditioned?

I do give credit to Rose for playing Seljaas in crunch time as Cannon is usually on the court there. Seljaas had the big 3 to put us up 6 with about a minute left. He also had a key chase down offensive rebound toward the end as did Baxter.

Tracy and I were in Portland all day and I didn’t see the game until late last night. I had no idea who had won. I thought Bax was even better than his 25/10 debut!!! WWWWOOOOOWWWWEEEEE NEWS FLASH BYU HAS AN ELITE HIGH FLYING ATHLETE WHO IS NOT A BEANPOLE (apologies to Josh Sharp, who was just too skinny and too little, but did fly like a MAN). You don’t hear that very often!! Marcus and I started counting the number of impact plays that Bax made that don’t show up in the box score. Like when LMU had a breakout late in the game and not one but TWO guys were afraid to go to the rim because Bax is the only guy who had gotten back on D. Or in the last two minutes when he had two taps that were uncontrolled and didn’t go as RBs but where we retained possession. Or at least 3 shots that he changed. I bet he had 10 “impact” plays that don’t get counted. His athleticism and swagger are real. He and Seljaas won the game for us. Period. Haws was clutch from the line, but played terrible other than that. I do like that he aggressively tries to get the ball to Bax.

Was I the only one who noticed that Yo shot two pure airballs, plus two that hit the backboard but nothing else? That was pure ugly.

Maybe because of small gym he is still not use to yet. Yeah, those airball shots were bad.

He’s been off the past few games. He’s missed a lot of left hand flip in shots from 5 feet. Yet, he still makes a lot of points as well.

This is the 1st time since BYU joined the WCC, that BYU has gone on the road and beaten two quality teams. What was the X facter?

Bingo. BAXTER. Imagine the team with Dastrup, Baxter and Childs along with Haws and the support group?

BYU probably wouldn’t be at the same level as Gonzaga this year but they would have given them a run instead of being blown out by 30 at the MC. I guarantee it. Baxter will likely play tentative in the game at Spokane, but if he had gotten more experience early in the season he would be more prepared than he is now.

The reason these other guys like Cannon, Seljaas, etc. are feeling like they fit into a role now is because they can play with more confidence now that Baxter is getting the minutes he should have gotten earlier. Haws has been much better, Childs is still good, etc.

Just another woulda, coulda, shoulda season…

Such stretching the conclusions you have today. The reason Sejlass and Cannon played well is because Baxter was in the game. LOL! It couldn’t be that they are just getting more comfortable on the floor.
No, Baxter in earlier wouldn’t have any effect on the outcome. His learning curve is his as well as anyone else.

and there sits the cantaloupe…


Exactamundo, Shooting without remorse. Baxter will clean up a miss.

So…I’m sitting in the therapy pool after a workout and talking to a local coach; He says, “you know why Worthington gets starter minutes don’t you?”, I tell him my thoughts and he says, “Worthington’s family donates big money”…Ahah, I knew there was a horse in there somewhere.

Sounds like gossip backbiting. How does he know? Is there a leak somewhere?