Scouting LSUs offense, Oh Canada

Canada is the OC. He has a track record from coaching at IU, Pitt, NCU and now at LSU. He runs a multiple option attack that can have as many as 5 options, think a Air Force or Navy attack with NFL talent at all key positions.

two points here:

Guice will be a decoy as often as he sees the ball. Never ever lose sight of him.

Canada likes to ID the weakest player on the opposing team, they call him the Waldo, as in “Where’s Waldo”. Then exploit him

BYU will have to play sound ball and lets hope LSU has plenty of penalties and missed assignments in this newly unveiled offense. This kind of offense can get LSU a whole lot of one on one situations, a missed tackle and the speedster is gone for 6.

LSU has a ton of newbies out there. Pray that they act like newbies.

more on LSU’s offense:

Canada will change his offense to scheme around his talent. Never lost sight of Guice…never.

Canada owes some of his DNA to Chip Kelly from Oregon. I (me) thought I was seeing some Kelly offense when I started studying Canada, and tada, there it is, the Jet Sweep. We’ve seen this stuff before, Alveraz from Arizona, Anae at BYU tried it but we just did not have the athletes (Go fast, go hard)

whole lot of shifting going on:

We just have to out smart them. Facing the Giants!

Portland State leading over Oregon St. 32-28 with 1:15 min to go at 4th qtr. Beavers that bad or Vikings is better? Wow!
Maybe PSU is a lot better than what we thought and they outplayed us.
Oops, Beavers just scored with 1:05 to go. But, Vikings are a pretty good team.

It’s like i said about ranking teams too early. They should wait 2 or 3 games before the first ranking. That way, teams like BYU don’t have to start at #42 and work up to the top 20 if we are good enough.

We will be ranked lots higher than #42 if we beat LSU! If we don’t, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway!!

Maybe. What if we lose by one point. I think we start out higher than #42

Still doesn’t matter if we lose by 1. That is just the way it is. We all know polls are flaws including who gets selected in the playoff are still flaws. Western Michigan, Boise St, Hawaii and even Utah should have played in the playoff but no way those BCS/P5 commissioners would allow those G5 getting near to the playoff. THAT IS THE WAY IT IS!!!
We win tonight and the rest of the way, we won’t be near top #5 but maybe near #10 and that is the way it is! FLAWS!

Number 4 USC at home in a dog fight with Central Michigan, tied at 28 with half a quarter to go. This is what everyone is talking about. It is just one of those things we have to live with, the pre season rankings that go such a long way to determining the ultimate national championship game teams.

There will be some good teams that lose one game (not USC necessarily) that will probably never get a chance to play for a national title this season. The system is stupid and broken and when money is the motivating factor in trying to fix it, it is just destined for failure.

We will see how BYU does tonight but you can bet the officiating won’t be on their side.

We win out we play for #1 :slight_smile:

I agree with Hopper. We have to win out and then we will play in the playoff. We also need a little bit of help. Wisc, Utah, LSU and MSST must have decent seasons.

Any reason why Michigan was playing Florida in Arlington, Texas?

Doesn’t make any sense.

Even the pros don’t do that, much. Play in your own venue.