Scouting Michigan

Michigan has struggled at QB so expect this to be a running game with a few short passes. Utah picked off Senior Jake Rudock 3 times when MU could not run the ball effectively against a tough Utah defense. If BYU is as incompetent as they were at UCLA at stopping the run, we lose. Stop 5’11, 230 RB, De’veon Smith and 6’3, 240, Ty Issac and BYU wins. Rudock has 5 interceptions and 3 total TDs for the year so he ain’t gonna beat us, end of subject.

I expect Bronco to get back to what he does best (stopping the run) and for BYU to come away with a win in a very tough place to win. I also expect Anae to have more faith in his all AMerican QB and very tall, very good receiving core.

First team to score more than 20, wins.

BYU by enough…MU 17, BYU 21

Ugggg…BYU has to get back to scoring in the 40’s and sometimes in the 50’s. Clean up the mistakes and we can. We should have scored in the high 30’s or in the 40’s against UCLA.

Disclaimer: I have not seen Michigan play live this year.
Vs Utah, Rudock threw his picks, but also was 27-43 for nearly 300 yards and is completing 65% of his passes. Harbaugh loves the short passing game, and BYU is terrible at defending it because we can’t play man press (cue Nebraska first half nightmares). Since that game, Bronco clearly has recognized our limitations at corner, so he blitzes like a madman and plays our corners in a permanent prevent mode. Overall this year our tackling within 5 yards of the LOS has been just abysmal, and Michigan will be nothing if not physical and hyper athletic at the point of attack. I think that if we want to stop the run we will have to cool our jets on the attack mode D and commit more guys to run support; then we will have to watch Michigan undress our corners like Nebraska’s maybe-slightly-better-than-average-throwing QB did, and hope he gets wild and throws a couple picks. It kills me to do it, but as of today I’m going 27-24 Michigan…I hope I’m wrong and that I blow my perfect season: in my longtime ESPN College Pick’em group, I picked BYU to beat Nebraska, beat BSU, and lose to UCLA. I loved seeing Langi get RB reps and hope he gets more. He is really fast for a guy his size, and his enthusiasm is like JWill’s and can inspire the team.

I agree with the first to 20 wins.

I think our offense is up to the task, but after UCLA I have doubts about stopping the run. You can bet that Jimmy H is planning on the run.

Byu is generally very good against the run. After an embarrassment like UCLA I’m pretty sure Branco will make sure that the run is covered this week. They already said that they had the hardest workout of the year this week completely focused on the run and tackling

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I like to see something new, not only tackling right but try to strip the ball too!

Yep. Fully agree!

I saw Michigan vs. Utah and wasn’t overly impressed with either team but it was the first game of the season for both teams. To me, Michigan is just a boring team to watch, it seems like they are still stuck in their tradition and roots… doing the same things teams did 50 years ago or more, like they should be wearing leather helmets or something. I am still not sold on BYU’s ability to tackle properly and that worries me. Honestly I don’t know what to say regarding predictions for this game. I think BYU is as good or better team than Michigan but the fact that Harbaugh is trying to bring them back to glory makes me nervous about how the game will be called by the officials.

I was shocked at how fair and objective the officials were in the UCLA game, though the holding penalty was a weak call at the time it was made, that same penalty could be called on almost every play.

Michigan has a pretty good defense, but I think if Mangum spreads the ball around and BYU does the things they did against UCLA… and sticks with a gameplan (includes halftime adjustments too) they can beat the Wolverines.

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I think we have had great officiating in all 3 games. 72 was getting beat all night, so sooner or later one of those close no-calls was gonna go against us. Saturday, we have to tackle, or we lose. Period. I was so mad at BYU’s bad tackling that I have made my team do extra 1v1 open field tackling drills. One kid asked why so much tackling, and I told him “because of BYU.” I’m pretty sure the kid had no idea what I was talking about HAHA. I thought Takenaka would be an athlete and a player at safety, but he has been invisible. But Nacua’s right cross and Takanaka’s invisibility cloak opened the door of opportunity for Wadsworth, who has tackled with more authority and consistency than anyone else on our D. I want to see #30 in close run support all day on Saturday.

I am an eternal optimist…throughout the week I’ve become more and more confident about the game tomorrow, but still guardedly. I am still skittish about our run D with Tuiloma out and Pikula not tackling, and Hanneman has struggled so badly that I always feel like we are playing with only 10 guys. I’m still sticking with 27-24 Michigan, but if we tackle properly I think it goes 31-21 BYU. If we tackle, the difference in field possession and TOP gives us one extra TD and turns a couple Michigan FG drives into no points.

I feel about the same as you Tom. I’m optimistic because they have played well against UCLA and Nebraska on the road. A little concerned about the big running plays they gave up against UCLA, but they have a great back too. I don’t feel that Michigan is at that level.

Tuiloma may be back for the game. I doubt that Bronco will allow another rushing fiasco. BYU has more weapons if we use them. Counting on a win

BYU time out at 1 yard? Why why why???

I know that it wouldn’t have made a difference in the outcome of the game, so I am hesitant to call out the refs but they made two of the most poorly timed calls that worked against BYU in this game. The first one was the late hit call as the QB was running out of bounds. That was a bad call that kept Michigan’s momentum going and the announcers agreed it was a bad call. Also, the penalty on Langi for tackling the QB… too low? BYU has a tough enough time tackling but now they can’t tackle a guy below the knees?

Like I said, those calls didn’t effect the outcome and as usual, the refs added some makeup calls in the second half to make it look even so whatever…

LOL… Michigan QB ends up looking like a heisman candidate after the game today.

That was not the same team that Utah played a month ago.

They looked really good.