Scouting Missouri

They may be 4-5 but they are still a SEC team and we are on the road. The glaring stat here is that Missouri has had the devil of a time storing points. Missouri’s last four games, they have scored a high of 13 points once, three of those games ended without a single TD. Their QB,Lock has a total of 2 TDs to 5 interceptions. Their running back, Witter has one TD for the year. When I watched them early this year in the UCONN game I said to myself that Missouri would have a hard time keeping their #23 ranking and here they are now at the bottom of the SEC.

Having said that, Missouri is still ranked #63 and on par with Nebraska (57) and Utah State (71). They have a very good Defensive line and a great pass rush while pressing on our receivers ala Michigan. IF they can stop our running game and pressure Mangum, this could end up being a long day.

Factors I think will determine the game…BYU should have their starting Oline back which should help our running game and defend Mangum long enough to get passes off. Missouri sports a # 9 ranking on Defense, right up there with Michigan #3 so this will be a low scoring affair…Vegas has a over under of 25 total points (I have never seen such a low point total when BYU is involved)

BYU is on the road and if you toss the Michigan game out, BYU has done OK on the road, also we are not playing at Missouri’s home but at Arrow Head.

One little known fact: Mizzou defensive coordinator and safeties coach were both on the staff at Memphis for last year’s Miami Beach Bowl meeting with BYU.

BYU’s Defense .vs Missouri: Advantage BYU. We can stop their run as well as their passing game.
BYU’s Offense .vs M Defense: Advantage BYU. If we can run on them, that will open up our passing game. The Oline that showed up at SJSU would lose this game but then I think Bronco is sitting on some plays and has his Oline back. Bernard and Brown should do just fine.

This game should be tight and low scoring so the big factor here will be turnovers and penalties. Penalties kill drives so the team that wins these two categories will win the game.

First team to 20 points wins…BYU 23- Missouri 17

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I like your assessment. I do think that there will be a lot of that grabbing and holding by their D-backs. I suspect that the game will be called by SEC refs. Will they call those really obvious holding plays? You are absolutely right about turnovers and penalties, they will determine the games outcome.

well, we didn’t stop the run. Bronco in his infinite wisdom kept “6 in the box” all night. Sad stat.

I’m not sure how he does it but Anae is a master at making us believe that he is so close to figuring it out before he comes crashing back to earth. It happened again in this game when he made several great play calls on the drive that ended with Mangum rolling right and giving the delayed handoff to Brown who scored after breaking one easy tackle attempt. Like last game, I thought to myself wow… he finally got it right, that was a great call, now things are looking up and now they are going to change. Like last week I should know better.

good point. But our Defensive play calling was sooooo bad that it made me forget about Anae. All in all I thought our offensive scheme was good.

I know that the 9 guys who watched the game at my crib all jumped up and cheered when we threw a pass to Remington Peck…At pass to a tight end, a miracle.

I also said to my brother, “when was the last time we saw the Full Back block their over pursuing DE and squirt out in the flat for a pass?”…Boom hit happens and Mangum hits Bernard for a TD.

This ain’t rocket science, ya know.