Scouting Morgan State

Morgan State was 15-16 last year, 2-2 so far this year with blowout losses to Arizona and Fresno State, and wins over 2 schools I’ve never heard of and think both are D3 or NAII programs. They like to shoot 3s and they turn the ball over a lot. They average 13 asst/game but 17 TO per game. They had 25 TOs vs Arizona and I expect a big number of TOs vs BYU.

Thompson is a 6’7"/245 forward who jacks up a lot of 3s. Decent rebounder. They have a tiny guard who also jacks up 3s. 7’0/250 center Christian Oliver is a JUCO transfer who averaged 5.3/2.4 at East Los Angeles College last year. He’s not terrible but no match for Fouss.

BYU will slaughter these guys on the glass and it’s an easy W.

Taking on the football version of fish, I like it.

You better watch yourself, I’m going to scrutinize every word. :wink:

Haha, I look forward to it! I actually think before I hit “enter,” so I hope the stuff I write isn’t too full of flaws and/or false claims!