Scouting N. Iowa vs BYU

Belonging to the Missouri Valley Conference, NIU should be in the big dance, they won the conference but lost to Loyola Chicago in the finals. Loyola was ranked a good part of the year and deserved to dance.

Northern Iowa is always a good shooting team lead by #4 AJ Green, 6’4 guard, their version of our Barcello.
#34, 6’6 Carter is their best inside shooter.
#11 Sr. Barhow is a guard and their best rebounder and outside 3 threat.

NIU reminds me of a well coached WCC team, they are not tall, good shooters and don’t like to waste possessions (SMC).
On Offense, advantage…EVEN. NIU is #3, BYU #10 nationally.
On defense, advantage BYU
3 point shooting BYU is a better defender
Rebounding NIU is very good but poor on offensive boards. BYU’s Treore and Lohner waaay better inside. Advantage BYU
x factor, Lohner, if he has another strong game, BYU wins easily.
I say, close game with Foos and Lohner inside work getting the win.

BYU 77-73 NIU