Scouting ND in Las Vegas

Welp, our entire season depends on this one. Win and get talked about nationally, lose and we fade into the sunset of another no name bowl.

BYU football: Cougars’ cornerback eligible to play against Notre Dame - Deseret News

Good news is that the Targeting call against cornerback Gabe Jeudy-Lally, who was ejected for targeting in the second half of last Thursday’s 38-26 [win over Utah State]

The Vanderbilt transfer will be allowed to play the entire game on Saturday against Notre Dame because his appeal to the NCAA to have the on-field ruling overturned was successful

Coincidentally, Notre Dame was hoping to get a targeting call on linebacker JD Bertrand in its win over North Carolina on Sept. 24 overturned as well, but coach Marcus Freeman said Monday the appeal was denied.

ND has had its problems with their starting QB out with shoulder injury. Pyne was not ready for primetime but has since found his game. On the other hand, BYU concerns me. we were 4-12 on 3rd down conversions against USU. after digging, ND was 6-14 on 3rd down conversions @ NC.

ND wants to rush 1st, throw once their ground game is solid. BYU’s identity is, we would like to be a run 1st but have sucked at it. But are happy to be a pass 1st, that is our talent.
Hall vs. ND’s Pyne. No contest, Hall is an NFL talent. Pyne @ 5’11 played well against NC, threw for 3 TDs, so also mobile. Big Advantage, Hall

I say toss up. BYU is better because of our QB and Receivers but ND has an NFL talent, Mayer, possibly the best TE in football and NFL talent at RB, Esteme, has elite speed reminds me of Algiere.

On Defense:
Tuiaki’s rush 4 vs. ND’s 6 will be a disaster. They will pound out 5 yds per until Sitake takes over on calls and we get creative. We certainly have the talent on D to stop ND with plenty of cover speed in the secondary but will we be creative enough? Not holding my breath.

Vegas has this ND -4, interestingly, they started -9.5 over/under 52.
I say, if BYU can run the ball and be creative at slowing down ND’s rush, BYU wins.

did I miss something? Noone on this board has an opinion on the ND game?

It’s tough to know how good Notre Dame is. We know they are good on defense. They held Ohio State to 21 points. The jury is still out on their offense as far as I am concerned. They put up 45 on North Carolina but Appalachian St put up 61 on NC . Was less than impressive in games against weak opponents barely beating a very ordinary Cal team and losing to Marshall, a team that has been beaten twice.

I think Notre Dame is very beatable if BYU is as good as we thought they were.The big question is how good is BYU? Baylor probably isn’t as good as we thought and that is the only game that would be considered a good win.

I don’t think Notre Dame will be looking past us since we are ranked so we will have to be at the top of our game.

As long as Tuiaki is DC, there is not much to talk about.

The comparative metrics show Notre Dame is greater than Arkansas and BYU. But, if BYU gets off to a fast start and gets ND in their heels, we can win.

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heads up comparison of BYU vs. ND.
You can say that ND played one very tough game @ OSU.
NC has been very leaky at D. ranked 104.

In my humble opinion, BYU has to start out strong on O. none of this slow start business. I don’t think we have to rush big to win, but enough to keep ND honest.

Tuiaki really played a strong rushing D against Baylor, It may well be that he was not afraid of Baylor’s QB. If we see that recipe, BYU wins.

AND MAINTAIN that pace… Look at USU, 40 seconds BYU scored, then Pick 6 then went absolutely flat after that!

If BYU defense stops the run BYU wins the game. It is that simple. If BYU stops the run and has 2 sacks or more they win going away. I think our offense scores 28 points. If D gives up 28 or more pts we lose!

I don’t think Tuiaki has it in him to be bold. Some guys play downhill, and some are afraid to do that. So our defense was great against Baylor. Ok, good. It has been AWFUL for three games in a row, and twice against teams we should have manhandled talent wise. We never seem to learn anything from our failures. Our DC is so AFRAID of giving up a big play that he willingly concedes we will not make a big play on D. It’s his MO, It is what it is, and we have seen it over and over and over and over again for 5 years now. Why would we think it will change? We will sit back fearing the passing game of yet another mediocre QB and let ND run the ball. ND will control TOP while our QB—who could be a Heisman candidate if he played somewhere else—sits and watches from the sidelines. Kalani KNOWS that our soft scheme concedes snaps and TOP, and he is obviously OK with that. So it is actually part of our game plan to allow our greatest weapons—our QB and our WR—to play less than half the game. That is sheer madness.

ND will win, Sitake will say all the same things (I have to do a better job of preparing my team), but will never ever lay the blame where it belongs, and we will play in the modern equivalent of the Poulan Weedeater Bowl.

I hope I’m dreadfully wrong, but I don’t think I am.

I think you are correct particularly if Sitake lets Tui do the coaching.

Mister T. I think you’ve captured the perspective of most of us on the board. I wish it wasn’t so. Troubling is, when the defense looked good - Baylor - it was BECAUSE they were aggressive. Why retreat back to “safe” when it really isn’t safe? It’s like a teenager, they have success with something positive, and you think, “they’re on their way!” and then go right back to the dumb stuff.

I think this turns out like Oregon, taking us to 2-7 overall against Notre Dame. I’m not sure why there is sky-high optimism about how we’re going to do (especially defensively). I also think we struggle mightily on offense.

I think this whole game rests on our defense. If we can keep ND under 21 points and keep us close to even in the TOP we will win the game. If not, it turns into an Oregon with a little less scoring.

Can’t defend a TE. Game