Scouting Oregon, our first true road game

While Oregon has to travel as well as this is a neutral court at the Moda Center, Portland Or. where the trail blazers play, it may help tone down Oregon’s sizzling outside shooting. I know BYU has sucked from 3 at the Marriott, IDK???

Vegas has this game at Oregon 71-69 BYU

Keys to an Oregon win:
Better offense, rated a 110
and if Guard, #0, Will Richardson goes off from 3 BYU will be in trouble
Oregon runs 3 Srs and 2 Jrs. Way more experience, every player is higher rated then BYU. it really just depends if they play together.

Keys to a BYU win:
3s have to fall, at least get 30% from outside.
Oregon is not as good of defense as either of our first 2 games so BYU can get plenty of open looks
keep turnovers below 10.

Yeah, Oregon is ranked #12 but early rankings mean nothing so we really don’t know much other then Oregon has 80% for their scoring back… BYU has had to grow up fast with 2 new starters to the team. I have this game as a loss but then BYU has played WAY tougher teams to date then Oregon has.

Oregon played and beat Texas Southern and two days later SMU. Both schools may not be very good and Oregon shots were falling very easy 3’s. BYU defense will be Oregon first test. Hopefully BYU will shoot better this time around.

I think that about 10 games from now we will look back at our 3 pt shooting vs CSU and SDSU and realize that those were two of the best defenses we will see. Both teams played knee to knee on every perimeter guy, daring us to beat them off the dribble or dump it into the post for a 1v1 opportunity. Both teams were smart to do so since we don’t yet have a 15-20ppg threat down low. NOBODY played us like this when we had Childs, for example, because he would score 25-30 if they did. There was always a second defender in the post, creating all kinds of opportunities for open 3s as the D was slow to rotate “chasing” the extra pass. Pope obviously knows this and will work it out.

3 pt FGs: AB (4/7) and Johnson (2/3); the rest of the team is a combined 3/27. 11%. For example, Knell is 2/10 and vs SDSU had two WIDE OPEN, COMPLETELY UNDEFENDED 3s that both missed BY A MILE. If he hits just those two easy ones, he’s 40% instead of 20% and we are not talking about him. Small sample size, early season stuff and Pope will also get this worked out.

And I’m not going to the game because even with free tickets I’d rather fly to Utah for a game than deal with Portland rush hour traffic to go downtown. We live just 50 miles away, but for a 7pm tip would probably need to leave 3 hours early to fight through traffic, park, and navigate the gate entry/COVID rules. Portland is a disaster anyway so we avoid it completely (other than the airport, in which we have no choice). I’ll watch this one on ESPN.

You know, I was thinking that Knell could not feel open with all the knee knocking going on out there. The point that our 1st two games were the hardest D anyone will hit us with is a very good point. Oregon come in at #69 while SDSU’s is ranked #6.