Scouting portland st, stay weird

Woods is their point guard and top scorer. at 6’ and 170, he is perfect for Hardnett or Emery. Not a great shooter but very fast off the dribble.

Nuhu, from the Bronx is 6’8, 210 and does their inside work, Childs will have a field day

Nuga, 6’2 is the 2nd highest scorer on the team, so TJ.

This is not a very good shooting team, nobody is over 35% from 3. They are fast paced, more so then BYU and very well balanced as a team in scoring, good rebounders for their size so they are well coached. PSU resembles WCC bottom tier teams so this well be a good tune up for conference play.

Vegas has this as a 90% win at 90-79. I will say BYU 94-74. You don’t want to get into a race with Rose in the Marriott

I don’t think Portland will score 60 points.

Yea, just like Northern Illinois would not beat BYU in football this year… Yep, that is good claim!

Portland State leads the nation in offensive rebounds per game (20.6), total rebounds per game (47.7) and steals (12.1). These stats give Portland State 19.8 more possessions per game than their opponents. BYU hasn’t really played a team like Portland State this year so it will require a good game plan with a different emphasis than BYU has used on other teams. Should be fun to watch, go Cougars!

Reality dose for Narcists, Portland will not only score 60 points but they will give BYU everything they can handle until their best player, Woods gets gassed. I watched Nevada sweat it out in a tight one against Grand Canyon College (coached by Dan Marley) the other night. Nev. just had better subs. These so called lower tiered team’s starters can hang with most teams but the difference is who is coming off the bench. BYU has Nixon and Harding and Emery. Portland will have some kid that gets smoked by these three.

Just for that, I’m raising PS’s total by 4 points. BYU hits the 90’s while PS gets to 80.

I am just saying with the “Flexibility” our football and basketball teams seems to having lost to teams we should never have lost too, I am not holding my breath we beat anyone.

Mark Durrant
Preds: Y 102 PS 66; NE=16pts; CH=3, 3s; on Haws drive @gregwrubell croons “Coach Rose came to say, TJ with your hair so bright, Won’t you guide my team tonight? Then how all the players loved him As they shouted out with glee, TJ the Red-haired Cougar,
You’ll go down in history!”

PSU is crazy aggressive on defense and presses start to finish; no opponent has committed fewer than 10 TOs in a game v. the Vikings.

Opponent TOs in Div. I games:

Opponent TOs in non-Div. I games:
43 (yes, 43)

Greg Wrubell
Against Division I opponents only, Portland State is…

last nationally in 3PFG%
5th-to-last in eFG%
2nd-to-last in FTA/FGA rate allowed
bottom 10 in 2FG% allowed
bottom 25 in assist rate
bottom 40 in FT%

top 15 in adjusted tempo
top 30 in 3PFG% defense

So, Portland scores 60 because the scrubs are in there and Childs is sick. Had we not missed about 8 uncontested layups we would have scored 100+ and held them under 60.