Scouting princeton

These guys will be tough lounardi has them seeded 9 in the all too early brackets

Loaded with seniors

Here’s a little Wikipedia trivia:
Princeton is currently coached by Mitch Henderson. The team is known for the Princeton offense perfected under the tenure of former head coach Pete Carril who coached the team from 1967 to 1996. The Princeton offense has resulted in Princeton leading the nation in scoring defense 20 times since 1976 including every year from 1989 to 2000. The Tigers entered the 2009–10 NCAA Division I men’s basketball season with 1,552 career victories (which ranked 23rd among the 347 NCAA Division I programs), 24 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament appearances (including four consecutive appearances between 1989 and 1992), and 5 National Invitation Tournament appearances.

BYU has appeared in 29 NCAA tournaments so it is probably safe to say that Princeton and BYU have had comparable basketball programs in terms of NCAA appearances. Princeton is not generally thought of as a basketball powerhouse but they run their system well with great skill and precision so they are always a tough team to play.

How is Princeton looking for the coming season? Here is a recent review of their conference projections:
Snagging the top spot was Princeton, which, in stark contrast to Yale, returns much of its top talent. The Tigers have a trio of All-Ivy League selections back in Henry Caruso, Spencer Weisz and Steven Cook. For a team that only lost two games in conference play last season, having the same lineup plus an additional year of experience is a dangerous thought for the rest of the league. Along with those three, Princeton should also get a boost from the return of Hans Brase, a big man who averaged double-digit scoring as a sophomore and junior. He missed all of last season with an injury, but he should immediately be plugged back in and give the Tigers a big weapon as a stretch big man who can also crash the boards.

I remember 1981 Danny Ainge team vs Princeton and it was a close slow game - nerve racking! We could of lost that game and no memorable win over ND.

Mark that down, it will be another nerve racking game at the MC when we want to run and they slow it down.

If I were the coach I would press them buzzer to buzzer, liberally use my bench, and try to speed them up and wear them out in the altitude. I doubt they have a lot of depth and athleticism. BYU doesn’t have much experience but they seem to have a lot of depth and more athleticism than in the past. Maybe I am crazy but I would try to speed them up and impose my will on them. I suspect they are very well coached, disciplined, and intelligent so it may be easier said than done.

I’ll bet Rose reads these posts for pointers and if he does he should do just as I recommend.

Come on, you don’t think Coach Rose reads and listens to us??? This is off topic, but I remember two years ago when I was particularly frustrated with Robert Anae’s play calling, I texted my friend who worked down the hallway from him, “HEY, go down there and tell Anae to quit running dive so much.” He texted right back and said, “ARE YOU CRAZY? NOBODY, NOT EVEN BRONCO tells Anae what to do. He is SCARY.” Rose seems much nicer, but probably no more likely than Anae to take advice from all us geniuses :wink:

I’ve talked to Rose on many occasions. He believes that this year he finally has the pieces to implement what he has wanted to do for many years. Have patience it will take time to get these Younghans all on board

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TJ is a playmaker! He’s already dialed in with Mika. He setup Davis for a nice allyoop and Davis whiffed on it😬(Arghh, patience)! I think we’ve had a small taste of what’s ahead. Yet, I’m okay with a 3rd place in the WCC as long as GU and St. Mary’s stay ranked. We’ll get them both in the WCC tournament in Las Vegas.

It’s funny how delusional fans are about what the wcc is all about. The wcc is owned by Gonzaga and SMC gets a bone thrown their way every once in awhile. If a ncaa berth is hanging in the balance, Gonzaga will get what they need from the wcc to ensure the invite. Somehow, someway it will happen… 20+ years and counting.

I don’t mean that you specifically are delusional, I actually like most of your takes and get the feeling that you are knowledgeable about what you write. I am referring to the general populace who seems to think BYU has a chance to win the wcc every year.

What we saw tonight was two guys that are going to help BYU a whole bunch this year. Rose, the senior transfer from Houston is an offensive threat and possibly the best passer at BYU. He is smooth, strong and plays with his eyes up at all times. He will see plenty of minutes, especially in crunch time.
The other talent is Childs. How can you not use this rare BYU talent? He has a nose for the ball and he can motor with these LP guys. Beo is a confident passer as well but buried behind a lot of talent. Bryant has a lot of rust and did not make many good decisions.

With 7 experienced upper classmen at Princeton, I just don’t know if BYU can hang with these guys. If we do, it could be a special year for BYU.

I think we will be VERY good this year, for the simple reason that better athletes=better team, and TJ, Childs, Mika, LJ, etc are WAAAAAAAAYYYYY better athletes as a group than the guys we lost. But I still predict Zags win the WCC, because I think that Gonzaga will be VERY good, even on a neutral court without their 3 alumni donors who get to be officials for the night. Their 3 international recruits are the equivalent of signing three 6’9" four star HS players all in one class. Add to that the fact that Karnowski cannot be stopped, and they will be formidable. I hope everyone understands that Kanowski CANNOT BE STOPPED with the new NCAA emphasis on calling every upper body touch a foul. I am very disappointed that the NCAA insists on making the game more and more about egomaniacal officials and less about watching the best players play. The result is we will see A LOT, and I mean A LOT of minutes this year from end of the bench guys.

maybe our history with the WCC has you feeling a bit jaded but I can’t help but feel you will jump on the band wagon before long!

Just a Gonzaga writer/fan, but not even an afterthought of BYU challenging for the conference.

Great story, Harold. I always knew Jorden was a great kid and could tell that there was much more to why he left the program.
His dad, Jeff bleeds as blue as it gets and now we know that Jorden could not play basketball while going to law school per BYU’s law school rules. god bless Jorden and his entire family

Exactly…I had Gonzaga ahead of BYU because Few is simply a better coach. He gets even higher rated recruiting classes. GU’s ranking is ligit. They can play with any club in America not named Duke, NC or Ky.

I had SMC ahead of BYU because they return all 5 starters and they will be even better this year. They are over rated because the are slow white boys, who out work, out plan other teams but still unathletic and slow. They will win a ton of WCC games but lose to all Athletic top 25 type programs that are well coached.

BYU has a huge ACE up their sleeve. The LP3 have played together for many years. You add “ManChilds”, veteran Davis, and Rose to that group and they will very formidable when they get on the same page. I would not bet against this group in any game by the end of the regular season.

Now that I’ve seen some play, I’ll agree that the LP Boys are legit. Their experience working together on the court is a big plus. Rose was a legit NC/Duke recruit. I do think that Eli will be a huge addition too.

I thought it was interesting that the first off the bench was Beo…

You picked up on Beo, did you?

Rose, for the 1st time ever has 5 guys that can run the team. Any one of Emery, TJ, Rose, Bryant and Beo can act as a point. How do you defend that? Add ManChilds, Mika and Davis to that and we are formidable because every other team out there has one to three weak links on their teams.

Any one of our inside guys should be able to take their guys one on one and if you double team a Mika or Davis, the ball goes out for an open 3. So this team can kill you from the inside or from guard play whereas, in the past Rose’s teams have always had to be guard driven and we would get about 10% from low post play.

BYU now has the luxury of getting points from drive and dish or just muscle ball down low when shots are not falling. BYU is going to do great things this year but next year…watch out.

Then you have Leifson, who by all pretense is a Zeljaas incarnation. The thing that impressed me about Beo and Leifson is that both of these kids are very confident, no hesitation. While I think Leifson is limited because he is clearly slower then the other guards and a defensive liability…and lives by the 3, he can certainly spread the floor and open up the middle for our bigs to do work because if you give Leifson even 2inches he will burn you with a 3.

I underestimated Beo when I saw his tape. This kid acts very ready and comfortable in D1 games. He is a penetrator and can pass and it will be hard to keep him on the bench. With TJ and Rose eating up all the point minutes can Beo get time?

So is it all about the talent level of the teams in the wcc now? I mean even when Gonzaga was mediocre and winning the wcc tournament or regular season it was because they had more talent than the rest of the teams at the end of the season and nothing else?

So if Gonzaga has better talent this year, with their NEW players, than BYU has with their NEW players, how does BYU ever get to the point where they actually win a regular season and/or wcc tournament title?

According to everything that has been said… and moving forward from this point over the next few years, how is it possible for BYU to win the wcc? They are not more talented, they do not have a better coach and they do not have the advantage of being the favored son of the league.

I thought BYU was supposed to be a final four team in a couple years… it doesn’t seem possible if they can’t even win the wcc.

I have my doubts that Few is a better coach than Rose. Few certainly has had an easier job than Rose in a number of different dimensions.

Teams that do not win their conference can and do win the NCAA dance.

To win the WCC regular season, or tournament, does not require better talent. It requires that the talent be sufficiently close that superior play will overcome the difference in the talent on particular nights of head to head.
It also requires,
that the team does not do the brain farts, or apparently from Rose’s analysis, not get so tired on the second game of the Thursday Saturday combinations on the road.
Not losing the games that should be won keeps the team in the race. Winning against the better teams, (Gonzaga and SMC), which Rose has consistently done, then puts the team in the drivers seat for the conference crown.

Harold, your blue glasses are on too tight…For Rose to be a “better” coach than Few, Rose would have to play some defense, something that he does not do. Having said that, I think that guys like Childs will change the culture were at BYU. There are enough athletes on this team now that I think will play some D so I am encouraged.

Gonzaga, even in mediocre years had NBA players and played tough games away from home…and they played defense, a foreign word to BYU’s coach Rose.

While I appreciate your ribbing, we all know that it takes some time to “work” out the kinks with new players

. If these guys will play defense, I could see a final 4 team in a year or two.