Scouting San Diego St

SDSU is tall with 5 guys at 6’10 but in their 1st game over Tx So, their two guards, Fynn 15pts and Schakel 15pts, were the only guys to get into double digits and to really hit 3s. They held TSU to only 22.6% shooting for the night but SUSU shot poorly,38% after a ridiculous 48-13 first half start.

SDSU starts two 6’10 guys in new Zealand, Wetziel and Mensah. SDSU got 26 Orebs over TSU and 62 rebounds while holding TSU to only 41 rebs for the game. That will be a big challenge for BYU. SDSU has never been an up-tempo team, whereas BYU wants to get out and run. BYU is ranked 40 in offense and 190 on D whereas SDSU is 230 on O and 36 on D, in past Rose coached teams, Defense always won over Offense. Pope’s teams will be much better on D and more efficient on O.

Keys to the game:
Can BYU keep SDSU off the glass and keep our few bigs out of foul trouble.
If BYU is hitting outside shots, they should not have much trouble with SDSU
Don’t let SDSU’s guards get going and BYU will be fine.
ESPN says BYU 73-69 SDSU.

more on SDSU
Remember Feagin from Santa Clara. He is a 5th year senior that lead Santa Clara the last 3 seasons.
Nobody from SDSU has played BYU at the Marriott except Feagin and he lost all 3 games he played in…lets keep it that way.

SDSU outrebounded BYU 43-27 (not a typo), I did not have to see the boxes core to see this coming. Lee gets 1 reb for the entire game…Nixon gets 5. Meanwhile, Mensah and Wetzell combine for 17 boards. All 5 Mensah boards result in his 7 points.
BYU did hit shots but they also let SDSU hit 9-20 from 3. 7 by Schakel alone, ballgame.

Looking at all our games without Childs…
BYU wins 2, loses to Houston, BSU, UCLA and whoever we play in the consolation game.

Near the end of the game, how many offensive rebound sdsu got? Over and over they kept their ball alive and both Lee and Nixon did nothing?
We sure going to miss Gavin Baxter! Doesn’t matter why Dastrup is no longer with us. He moved on which was good for him and wish him many good games at Oregon State.

Does anybody remember who did this “Flopping”? BYU got a Flopping warning that we made that 3 point shot and I think it was Jake Toolson did this flopping. Why it is okay in NBA but not in College? James Harden does it every single time.

It is going to be called this year…2nd call is a tech.

Payton got 1 assist and 0 points in 2 minutes coming off the bench in Oregon State’s win over Iowa State. In 9 minutes against Cal State Northridge, he got 2 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 points.

Good to know, thanks for the scouting report.
Dastrup vs Lee for BYU…Hmmmmmm……let me see? I like Lee and his work ethic but he is very athletically challenged. Dastrup oozes ability. Just what would BYU look like with Dastrup and Childs down low?

It may well be that Dastrup was on Rose’s naughty list because he was lazy, meaning out of shape, and maybe a little immature. But to sit him in favor of Worthington was a sin that gets coaches fired. Great coaches figure out a way to inspire their players and for heaven’s sake, Basketball is 20 kids tops you have to worry about, not 100+ like Sitake deals with. Great coaches has a BS in coaching but a PHD in psychology.

Looking at Dave Rose vs Mark Pope. We can tell what Rose thought about Dastrup but Mark Pope would have no problem with PD. Yes Dastrup should have been in the game far more often than Worthington, actually ALL THE TIME. But, I am afraid Grasshopper will disagree with all of us.

Next question - is Worthington doing this Grad Assistant at BYU which I HOPE NOT!

Sadly, Yes. You do remember last season when I could not figure out why Worthington was a starter when we had Baxter vegging out on the end of the bench. Worthington comes from $$. My answer is that the dad is a big donor. How else could one explain how a kid famous for his 3 fouls in 3 minutes and lack of any low post skills get invited to be a grad assistant.

Could that explained why Lee only got only 1 RB and Nixon 5 against sdsu? Geeeeee!

Hey, I was all for Dastrup getting the playing time two years ago before Worthington and Nixon. I realize two games is a small sample size, but Dastrup isn’t exactly burning it up in Corvallis, let alone starting. I hope the best for him, though, with the Beavers, and it’s painfully apparent the Cougars could use his talents now.

Down the stretch we weren’t able to keep making 3’s like SDSU did. And, that was the deciding factor. We shot free throws well and shot well up to the last 5 minutes. Is that nerves or did fatigue set in? But, rebounding had little to do with who won the game.

Well, Rose saw something that Oregon is apparently seeing as well. Coaches at that level sometimes can see the ceiling on players. Perhaps Dastrup had a low ceiling.
I do think Dastrup would have had a chance to play a lot because of Baxter’s injuries and Childs having to sit 9 games.