Scouting San Diego State, @SDSU

Three things that jump out to me about SDSU. Everyone on SDSU shoots 3s at a clip over 40%! another way of putting it…only 2 guys on the entire team shoot under 40%. Their two most prolithic 3 point shooters are over 45%. BYU comes in at 30%
Translation: We gonna lose.

#2 Their inside players go 6’ 10 and 195 lbs, Freshman and Soph.
Translation: Childs gonna have a hey day.

#3 SDSU only averages 37 rpg.
Translation: SDSU really values the ball. Does not play the run game.

SDSU is run by senior, Watson 6’ 1 guard, 186 lbs. 16 ppg, 5 apg, most minutes played pg. Got to get Hardnett and Emery knee knocking and either foul trouble or tire him out for a chance.

Vegas says BYU has a 40% chance of winning, I will say that if they get to 80, they will win.

Haws and someone else has to get hot from outside. Perhaps we should over guard and make it hard for shooters to get the ball in rhythm. And BYU has to feed Childs a lot.

Against UNLV, did BYU players do that in 1st half? We coached & played LAZY!

Seems like all our teams start slow and lazy. Same thing at the start of the 2nd half of games.

BYU made their comeback vs. UNLV in the second half after being down 17. So they actually started good and finished poorly or when it mattered most.

2 losses in OT isn’t good for a team to have before league play has even started.

It won’t matter how hard we play in wcc. They got those Zebras on their side. And, it doesn’t matter about the Zags because they are better and won’t need those refs on their side.

Have they had the refs on their side all times we have beaten them?

In a general sense, yes. The times that BYU has beaten Gonzaga since joining the wcc, have been games where BYU played really well and Gonzaga didn’t. Officials can only influence the potential outcome, not determine it. Though I have seen the occasional game where the officials did determine the outcome.

Gonzaga is a golden goose, admit it. Without them the wcc would be a joke. BYU hasn’t done a lot to raise the level of play in the conference…

Who creates the basketball schedule each season?

Just wondering why BYU is playing three games in a 3 week period of time, all on Saturdays… Dec. 15, 22 and 29. No tournament, no mid week game, nothing else.

I guess it is because of finals and Christmas? Well maybe they can find some improvement and inspiration from somewhere.

Why can’t it be that BYU just played really well and that’s the reason it looks like Gonzaga didn’t play well. There is a reason when they don’t play well and it could be because we played better than they did.

It goes along with the new family oriented Church thinking. More time with the family during Christmas time :slight_smile:

Sure, that happened in the ncaa tournament when Jimmer destroyed them. I will acknowledge that BYU has moments when they actually beat a team like Gonzaga because they played better. It is rare but it does happen.

I have seen other teams in the wcc outplay the Zags and still lose the game because of favoritism so BYU isn’t the only team that must overcome the golden goose bias.

The zags could beat BYU without 4 of their 5 starters, That is how good the team is top to bottom and that is how good Few coaches up his teams

I doubt that

The thing is-Gonzaga doesn’t play lazy. They can have an off shooting night and lose, but Few doesn’t let them play lazy basketball. Gonzaga gets more out of their talent than most teams. Even Gonzaga is handicapped in their recruiting compared to Kansas, Duke, or North Carolina

Therein lies the difference. Also, BYU doesn’t play smart basketball and they don’t do the fundamentals very well. That is why BYU became a hero ball team, because they refuse to become good at the basics of passing, shooting and free throws.

It’s disappointing.

And no defense most of the time. And some stand around when comes to end of regulation crunch time!

Rather then call them a hero ball team, why not call it for what BYU ball really is?

A tired coach who does not spend much time looking at foreign talent

A coach who plays favorites

A coach who rarely develops his new talent and favors veterans over much better Fr…

I look at the team without a true center, who depends on players like Cannon (who frankly would never scare me if I faced them on the court) and say, Yeap, Childs needs to shoot more, Haws needs to shoot more because outside of Harnett driving or Harding taking a shot or Emery…what are our options.