Scouting San Diego-stay classy

I swear, like many of the WCC teams, you can just change the name and prepare the same way for each game. San Diego is identical to SF, just change the name. It’s all about the guards, baby, nothing more.

They have no inside game to speak of, generally going with 6’7 Neubauer at center but there is no way so they will have to play 6’10 Fr Frank Ryder instead. Big trouble for San Diego trying to guard Mika and Childs.

SDU has 4 guards that shoot lights out from 3land, I swear I wrote the same stuff about SF just last week. Two guys have always had great games vs. BYU…Bailey and their point guard, Olin Carter. He is one feisty dude, kind of like Delli and how he would get under your skin.
Williams and Gray both shoot over 50% from 3…so there you have it.

San Diego plays a very slow game, almost as slow as Bennett teams so look for BYU to play control inside/out with a ton of points from Mika and Childs but if SDU doubles Mika, leaving guards wide open and we are clanking shots, SDU could make a game of it.

BYU by 10 and we get to 80…I will be watching the WCC heavy weight fight tonight of SMC at Gonzaga.

I will be shocked if SMC is close, say single digits. Only one scenario makes that possible and that is if Gonzaga plays tight, trying to preserve the unbeaten record or they play poorly and SMC plays their best game of the season. That could certainly happen but I would say it is about a 1 in 10 chance.

Gonzaga is a much better team and they are at home. My take would be different if the game was at SMC.

Jim: Gonzaga is a much better team and they are at home. My take would be different if the game was at SMC.

Coach: if they are a much better team why would it be any different at SMC?

If you don’t know the answer to your own question then I’m not sure there is any hope for you. Why is BYU better at home? Why is any team better at home?

Yep and SD was better at home. Shot lights out which shooting and BYU’s bobbling the ball problem lost the game.

Do you think Gonzaga will beat St. Mary’s by 20 at St. Mary’s? Go ahead and start spinning the reply.

As for San Diego… they are so good at home that they lost to Santa Clara and Pacific at Jenny Craig Pavilion. But somehow they beat the former high school national champions.

Yep, BYU (lost) by 10 but they didn’t quite make it to 80 points.

So, you’re the coach. What do you? What will you do? :slight_smile:

BYU plays Pacific, Santa Clara and LMU for the second time in league before they ever play Gonzaga or Portland for the first time. Who in the world is making up the schedules?

Don’t ask me what I would do as coach, you are the coaching expert.

Remember… I don’t know how to coach or officiate. You’ve said as much numerous times. :fearful:

We need the Zen Master. It’s all in their heads. The way they begin games is head scratching. Lack of concentration must be addressed.

Yeah… and the way they finish games too and don’t forget about the way they play the part inbetween the start and finish, that is a head scratcher sometimes too.

Note - San Diego has 6 freshman and 4 sophomores on their 15 man roster, with only 1 senior. I wonder if they use the inexperience excuse for their losses? or do they use it as motivation to win games they shouldn’t win?

We had a good in between and took the lead. Usually we hang on to win. They just shot better in their gym. And we made some stupid turnovers bobbling the ball. The team has to decide to learn how to play better defense and catch the ball and dribble it on the court rather than their leg.

Too many stupid shots by guys who are not scorers.
Terrible effort on the boards.
Possibly the worst perimeter D that any team has ever played in one game in basketball history.
It was awesome to see Emery keep gambling for steals while his guy was scoring 30.
Possibly the worst perimeter D that any team has ever played in one game in basketball history.
Possibly the worst perimeter D that any team has ever played in one game in basketball history.
I would do that again but you get my point.

When teams look at game film from SMC on, they must get sooooo excited that they wet themselves. Rose and co need help fast, They do not have a clue on how to defend a basic pic and roll. There is a reason why I went into detail on how to defend the Pick and Roll. Only Dastrup knows the proper way and he got to sit and watch the entire game. So what this boils down to is that if you were taught in HS the proper technique and you brought it with you, you are good, otherwise you learn the Rose doctrine…Don’t worry about defense, we’ll just out shoot em.

Loved how we went to a zone defense with 6 minutes to go in the game only to watch Neubauer get a wide open 3 in the corner and Haws gets back doored the very next play. Desperate Coaching from a staff who never read the book “Defense for Dummies”.

You can say that this is a young team and Rose is this great coach and the numbers prove it but when you have a pattern of blowing out teams at home and losing on the road to teams ranked below #238 every stinking year…at some point you have to own it. Every stinking year. defense is 50% of the game…

I will take a scoop of vanilla to go with my pie…but it beats turnovers…just ask Emery, Rose , and Bryant.

Ummm, not so much. Pretty pathetic game. Ill be surprised if we play post season at all. Just no consistency and too many really dumb turnovers.

UVU was worse

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Well USD is ranked lower than UVU so they are both bad. Not sure you can say which is worse.

Honestly it doesn’t matter because losing either one of those games is unacceptable for BYU, particularly with the talent they supposedly have this year.

That’s why the games are played. Sometimes a team plays better than they are and shoots 55% from 3’s. UCLA almost lost to Utah. It happens.Kansas almost lost. It happens.
Learn from it and fail forwards.

There is a big difference between “almost” and “did”. Who did Kansas almost lose to? San Diego or Utah Valley? :fearful:

Bottom line this season is that BYU has zero unexpected wins but two VERY unexpected losses and another.

I am trying to point out the difference but am pretty sure you won’t understand.