Scouting San Francisco

For a team that jumped out to a 10-2 record, beating two top 50 teams, these guys have fallen off a bunch over the past 3 games, losing to lowly Santa Clara, GU and SMC. They about to come into the Marriott and lose again. SF is guard heavy like so many WCC teams. They have 5 guards that really shoot the 3 ball well, four of them average over 40% from 3. They can be a hand full when they are hitting 3s (they scored 80 on Gonzaga)

The most dangerous guy is #3 Ronnie Boyce 6-3. 158 Sr. He loves to drive and gets to the rim. He will take the majority of the shots.

SF really has no inside game but they do have big bodies to frustrate Mika. They play 8 guys but most of their points come from their guards. They can beat good teams with their shooting but they are on the road where nets are not friendly. SF is poor at the FTline averaging 62 % and that will cost them in a close game.

SF is a much better scoring team statistically than Pacific so I would expect SF to stay in the game and force BYU to play our starters much longer than we did in the Pacific.

Expect Bry to continue to eat at Rose’s minutes. I expect ManChilds to be the X factor in this game…he is due.

BYU by 10 and BYU scores 90

Wrubell just tweeted this:
BYU faces USF Thursday at the Marriott Center; Dons from the arc in non-conference play: 41.3%. Dons from the arc in conference play: 27.5%.
BYU from the arc in non-conference play: 32.8%. Cougs from the arc in conference play: 45.2%.
BYU guards’ shooting from the arc, in league play: Leifson 60%, Haws 50%, Bryant 50%, Beo 50%, Rose 40%, Emery 39%. As a guard group: 46.4%.

At home, BYU will be very tough to beat but on the road it is a whole different matter.

At Home BYU should be a scoring machine. BYU by 14

Can someone tell me what day and time the game will be played?

sorry, but I have dealing with my mother health issues and her current stay in the hospital over the past week and have not paid that close of attention to the game.


Sorry Floyd, I know a little of what you are dealing with. I spent 3 months in ICU trying to save my brother’s life. It always seemed strange to me when I walked out and the world continued rolling on.

Game is at 7pm MT on BYUTV.

God Bless

I’ll second that one! Sports are a diversion but not important in the greater scheme.