Scouting San Fransisco part Duo

Ummm… no they don’t. And the blowout losses in conference play vs. Gonzaga, St. Mary’s and San Francisco gave a good indication of where the team is mentally this season. They shouldn’t be losing to anyone in the wcc, including Gonzaga, by these kinds of margins, home or away.

The only team BYU has blown out in conference is Portland. All of the other games have been close, though they did beat LMU by 18 at home. They have been destroyed by the good teams and haven’t blown out any of the average teams.

Yes we do. We win when we are up with 8 minutes to go every other game we’ve played this season. I said nothing about blow out games.

Ya think? Fire him and watch BYU return to respectability. His in game coaching is a joke.
Hey…but if BYU gets its annual 20 game win season, everything will be a-OK. Good ol boys got each other’s backs covered. It really sucks to be a BYU fan these days-and I mean over the past 6 years or however long its been since we joined the rec-league.

Jim, you hit the nail on the head… They may not be the sole reason the team lost, but they did not do enough to help the team win either.

but it goes both ways Jim, reading some of the posts on this site, there are a lot of you that like to be extremely critical of certain players (Emery and Worthington comes to mind), always commenting on the negative things they do, but very seldom mentioning the good things they do.

Take for example the recent win streak… I read a lot of bashing on Emery not scoring the “right” way, but in an article I read, it said that BYU defense was getting better because Emery was trying to get his team mates to play better defense… It is a matter of perspective I guess.

I have my own opinion as to why BYU basketball is not that good these days, and most it has nothing to do with the players.

you bothered writing so here goes…I have always praised Emery when he played well. We are talking about a guy that was a all WCC player his first 2 years in the WCC, he then took the money and ran, got caught and now he shows up with some goofy haircut and plays BYU out of WCC contention…the guy was a guaranteed 15 ppg and not only blanks in the biggest game but takes a rebound away from Childs…Childs clearly shows his frustration on that one.

Emery has been talked about as a defender?? He can’t stay in front of even smaller WCC guards, takes risks for steals and lets his guys head to the basket. But who on BYU’s roster would Rose turn to to stop Ferrair? Hardnett is the closest thing we had and he is hurt. Rose does not have a single kid that can defend because he ran them off in favor of pasty white Mr BBall types.

When BYU blows a 13 point lead at home, and falls into the habitual 3 or 4th place in a irreverent league, isn’t it time to call for changes?

Maybe the reason the Prophet and last night 2 Apostles and former BYU Presidents are coming to games is to see for themselves if a coaching change is needed. I don’t think last night would cause that to happen. That was players just blowing a game they were winning the preceding 5 games.

Good points. If Dastrup and others were still here Worthington would not be on the floor. But, because they aren’t there, we can’t expect Yolie and Baxter to play 40 minutes every game. So, trashing Worthington is just really bad in my opinion. He’s given everything to BYU for 4 years. Dastrup didn’t. He got challenged and left.
The continuing trashing of Emery is unwarranted and very small minded and hearted. Nothing but cheap shots. Why should Emery give Yolie a rebound if he is in complete control of position and the ball if it’s all about the team?
And let’s talk about players and coaches talking to referees or disagreeing on every call. What’s new? Frank Arnold said in a class I took from him John Wooden had things to say every time a referee ran past him. He said that he was a great ventriloquist and that’s why people thought he didn’t talk enough to refs. Wrong!

So what Chris… what does it prove? That on this night on this game, that the players sucked?

Do you know anything about participating in team sports? Some days they suck, some days coaches decisions cause them to suck…

My point is this Chris because in my opinion you are one of the biggest offenders…
You like to dis on Emery because he made a stupid mistake, got caught up in the whole “Entitlement” attitude that fans likes to put these players into by making them larger than life. Yes, he owned up to it, did he “run”? NO!, he realized he had a problem (Mental Health) and he withdrew from school to deal with all the issues, he also was up front with administration before the story broke (whether that was what motivated is any one’s opinion).

Now because he “dishonored” the great institution of BYU, you will not give him the opportunity of repentance, which by the way speaks more about you than him.

Chris what I have issue with is people “perception” of truth… What people like you and others forget is that your perception is based on your view of the events. You have inside sources, but again it is based on their “perception” of events.

I am slowly understanding this more and more in my life, and why I rarely posts anymore.

Check out this video for more understanding of the concepts I am talking about:

The bigger question in my mind is why we continue to lose players like Dastrup, Toolson, Chapman, etc… Is it coaching? Is it because of favoritism as some suggest? or is it because players today seems to be “SnowFlakes” and can not handle not being the star of the team?

Who knows???

I think it’s the latter. It’s too easy to go back on commitment. And, the past generation dealt with everyone gets a participation trophy. Made people soft. Now, kids feel entitled to success. If they have to compete for a starting position they bolt where they know they can start.

I call it selective reading, Floyd. You choose to pick parts and throw it back at people. I had said in both the SD and the LMU game that Emery made big plays at critical times. I also said before the SFU game that the emergence of Baxter and Emery looking like he was playing smarter ball that I thought BYU would win at home. It is there in black and white

Floyd, nice one, “hollier then thou”. You are confusing Fans from the general public. I would never bash someone in my neighborhood. I live by the golden rule. But that is a far difference from a Coach who is paid big money or an athlete who disgraced BYU, I will call out…I pay money, a lot of money to watch these games and like any stockholder, I have a voice. When they do well, they get praised. When they run the company into the ground, they get criticized and fired.

You are a stockholder in BYU? You are a part owner of BYU? I don’t think so. You are simply a fan who is willing to spend money to see them. We pay Tithing. But that doesn’t mean we own any part of the Church. So, climb off that high horse.
I don’t mind criticism about how players play. But, judging their heart and sinfulness is below our teaching to be Christ like. That’s mine and Floyd’s words.

so take Floyd out to lunch and enjoy yourselves

What bothers me is that this board is always so alive after we lay an egg. This board was dead the last couple weeks when we were playing great and on a modest win streak.

Then we lose and all of us go crazy trying to figure out why and all that. I’m fine with all the discussion, but I just wish we’d analyze and discuss the good times as much as the bad times. But I know Danny Ainge’s wise quote is true, “I hate losing more than I love winning.”

I agree. No support when we win. But lots of criticism when we lose.

Or, you could take the more out to lunch :slight_smile:

Ok I’m going to put my 10 cents in and quit. If you watched the game you should be able to see the problem. Three contributers and Seljass that hit two early 3s and then disappeared. That’s the entire game contribution. Easier to defend 3 guys and not worry about anyone else. Watch good teams-5 contributors and then 2 or 3 more off the bench. Watch Gonzaga-8 players working together. Ok-well then you are going to scream “Gonzaga has more talent”. However BYU has a team loaded with Utah and Idaho players of the year out of high school. So I only see two scenarios here. Either the players are vastly overrated out of high school or they have been under coached since coming to BYU. Personally I see it a lot of both, but coaches are responsible for evaluating talent and recruiting, and when they get the talent, it needs to be expanded. BYU has lost too many good basketball players in the last few years, and not to the NBA. I don’t see a lot of these players meeting their talent levels and even the players that stand out and even come close to their talent levels are making decisions that would get them bench time in elite programs. As good as Childs is, he could be better with better decision making and the same goes for Haws. Baxter should have been given more pt from the beginning, because he has tremendous potential. Right now he is really not being utilized on the offensive end like he could be. He is almost an afterthought until someone gets doubled and he is open for a dunk, but he has much more capabilities that could diversify this offense. I lay the responsibility on Rose-it’s his program-it should personify him. Lastly, Emery-yeh he had a poor game, and made poor decisions-just like most of the team, but if you noticed after the intentional foul that really made it tough to win this game and Emery hit the bench, the cameras kept zooming it on him and his goofy haircut-probably at least 5 times. I thought that was in really poor taste by BYUTV. Anyway, it looks like another 3rd or 4th place and in my mind another under achieving year and I don’t think you can give the coaching staff a free pass

You have a right to voice your opinion, but you do not have a right to disparge someone else.

If you think their is a difference behavior as a fan and as a neighbor, go read several talks from the GA’s in conference. Especially concerning the BYU vs Utah rivalry.

I am not a holier than thou person, Chris. If you knew me, you would know it.