Scouting SDSU vs. BYU

SDSU started the year by taking UCLA behind the whippin shed. They guys are ligit. Big, built to run deep in the Dance. they have all the players and are Sr. loaded. They dismantled a smaller ASU after they fell behind early. Too much fire power and veteran talent.

Starts with 6’6 Schakel and Michell. They will score from anywhere. They will test our Fr. Lohner, George, Harding and anyone else we match up.
6’10 Mensah is an inside machine along with Tomiac. Haward, Haarms and Lee will also be challenged with their Sr experience.
At guard, SDSU has three great assist guys.

This is a great 3 point shooting team but they allow opponents to shoot a lot of 3s as well. It is @SDSU
SDSU better offense and defense. BYU 3 pt.% goes way down on the road and the difference in the game

Not liking our chances in this game, sorry

SDSU 76-67 BYU.

I’m liking Harward more and more, especially when paired with Haarms or Lee. Tough guy!

If you think we are within 9 with no fans, we have a shot. But, we have to play like we did Saturday against Utard.

It’s interesting, Before the season I mentioned that Lee was the 3rd best big man behind Haarms and Harward. Lee has ridiculous numbers for what little time he gets on the floor, but true to what Harward and Haarms can bring as rim protectors and rebounders, Lee will have the fewest minutes of the big 3. I love his game. he did something he has never done in the Utah game, a dunk. Also made his only 3. love it. Harward especially ate up Utah’s skinny 7 footers.

BYU also is very good at defending guards for the first time in decades. We might have a chance against SDSU if we show up in the first 5 minutes and get to 70 by the end of the game. Again, it’s always the challenge of making 3s on the road.

Agreed on all, and I think you are being generous about the score. SDSU is ridiculously talented and long on the wings, which really bothers BYU.

Three things I want to point out:
BA turns the ball over 33% of the time, His stats do not merit starter’s minutes. He is our starting PG for H Sakes. Blaze Neld had similar stats and got no playing time.
Lohner is 2nd with 28% TO margin. He is making improvement and his brute rebounding keeps him in games. I see his stats improving as he gets time.

SDSU’s leading scorer, Schekal is a wing, like Tylar Haws, who never assists after he gets the ball. Stick to him

I think Johnson is earning his time on the court. He also has shown capability to drive to the basket and/or pull up for a midrange shot. BA gets some great steals but reaches too much and fouls a lot. I’m not sure why he’s struggling so much. On the other hand, BA is not taking a bunch of bad shots either. He’s trying to play team ball.

Have the game set to record and will leave the office early to be live before it ends.
Agreed on BA; he can’t help us when he’s turning the ball over and getting in foul trouble every game. I still have faith that he will come around. He’s quick, is a good teammate, is unselfish, and has that nice floater in the lane. I think he can be a great defender if he can stop fouling away from the basket.
Agreed on Lohner: We have talked ever since he signed about his athleticism. He’s a beast. The speed of the game has caused him to make way too many TOs but he will figure that out.

Quote of the season so far–Remember (of course you do) when Lohner went head above the rim vs Utah to throw down on some big skinny guy? I don’t have social media, but I saw this in one of the newspapers: “If Lohner finished that dunk Krystowiak was gonna enter the transfer portal.” Still laugh at that.

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Game over-BYU by 10. This team has more heart than most teams at BYU that I’ve seen. Pope is an amazing coach and Barcello is such a great leader. Having seen BYU blow a 14 point lead towards game’s end, I thought they were toast and BA hits that 3 and I immediately forgave him for all his turnovers and I’ll-advised shots. Best win of the year against a really good ranked SDSU. Congrats

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  1. Averette still doesn’t take care of the ball. But was clutch scoring down the stretch.
  2. How good is Barcello? Not only did he go 22/7/7, but he guarded SDSU star Schakel, who managed 3 points on 1/9. Ballgame.
  3. BYU crushed the boards. Well done.
  4. I want these officials for every game. Let the guys play for the most part and totally consistent.

So is BYU basketball with Coach Pope fun or what? Enjoy it while it lasts because Kentucky has about $5m/year waiting when Coach Cal decides to hang it up. Pope’s family really loves Provo but I don’t know how we hang onto him unless the BOT softens its stance on donor money for salaries.

Finally, loved seeing BYU withstand a huge run from a great team and make more great plays the last 3 minutes to win.

Best all around game of the year for BYU

Hahaha, BA made a shot that hopefully gets him thinking right.

1 BYU wins on the boards 40-26
2 As Tom says, Bacello shuts down SDSU’s 2nd biggest weapon. In fact SDSU only gets 8 total points from their 3 starters and a total of 11 points of the bench.
3 Mitchell is the only Aztec to get to double digits, not many games are won with that poor scoring.
4 Turns out 3 point shooting did not determine this game. It really was BYU’s defense and a much deeper bench.
5 Revenge from last year’s loss
Best win of the year by far and gets BYU in the Dance talk. Pope’s get them believing.

BYU basketball team is getting better every day and a nice win today against San Diego State. BA needs to stop making those stupid turnovers and work on it to lower his mistakes. I thought for sure BYU was going to lose luckily We won the game without their fans there.

Barcello also makes some dumb turnovers. He needs to stay upright and off the ground. Good defense helped win this game.

Rewatched the game, I don’t think SDSU is that good. But then anybody not named Mitchell had a bad game and we will see how they do when they play BSU.

Strange to me that Harward can dominate one game then disappear the next game. Has to be in his head. Utah’s big guys are very yound, SDSU’s are Sr.s.

Barcello is going to play pro somewhere. He is our Mitchell (Utah reference)

I love how two face we are. When BYU gets beat, we aren’t very good. Especially with a team we should beat. But when we play great defense and move the ball so well, shoot well, rebound well, shoot free throws well, and beat a ranked team, the team we beat sucks. What a bunch of crap.

Maybe, just maybe we are much better than you think. And we are getting better each week. :face_vomiting:

One sticker…Pope would never cheat. Could he get the one and done’s without paying $$. I had a conversation with Coach Bobby Knight, who never cheated. He said that most elite programs are cheating. Dean Smith at NC was a big cheat. Calapari, duh. Kansas, yup

So would Pope go there knowing the culture?

Ya, what’s new. Tarkanian was doing that stuff back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s with UNLV. We have a Catholic High School in the area that was a feeder to him. Coach C. Would try to get his best players to Tark. In return, Tark would pay him or give him nice Rolex watches and things.

What a load of poop. How many players from Santa Clara ever played at UNLV? One, Coach C’s kid. They were nothing more than friends. I am sure that Tark cheated in different ways but he saved a lot of lives by giving his players opportunities to get away from dead end lives they were living. I loved Tarkanian. Sometimes we do things that may not be technically legal but morally right. I think the majority of people today do things that are ethically and morally wrong but somehow they figue a justification within the “law”. You see how that is working out in society, right? The ones making the laws are the ones enforcing the laws and cheating their way through life. It’s called politics.

I digress though, I watched the second half of the game, first time I have seen BYU play live. I don’t know what everyone is talking about with Averette. He looked pretty good to me. So good that I think BYU may have lost that game without him. He had some great defensive plays, some key baskets at important times in the game, etc. What is the problem? The team caught SDSU in a funk, except for Mitchell. He almost brought his team back to a win. The team still has a ways to go before they are consistently good. Who is Johnson, never saw him do anything. Lohner is inexperienced but has loads of potential. Barcello is the best all around player on the team by far. The bigs are a bit slow but they will get better as they play together more.

I think the team can finish second in the WCC that is the best hope they have but they need to take every game seriously or they might finish lower.

Johnson was great against Utah and played well the first half against SDSU. He has been a real bonus because he came in with no expectations and under the radar. He is very solid. He generally comes in for Averette and Averette played played great the 2nd half so he didn’t get as many minutes the 2nd half. He shoots the 3 well, is a very good defender and doesn’t turn the ball over as much as Averrette does.