Scouting SE Louisiana

Yes, Khalifa was injured for the game according to Pope in post game press conference. He didn’t say anything about the type of injury or how long he would be out.

Thanks for the reply. He was supposed to have been a player with some offensive skills who would make some impact. He hasn’t played much yet and Baker hasn’t played at all. Glover left before playing a single game for BYU. The portal players haven’t contributed anything yet. Hopefully that changes when Baker is able to play and maybe Khalifa will do something before too long.

Khalifa did nothing against Fresno offensively. Did some passing and took up space on defense. Atiki looked better against the big guy from SE Louisiana. I’d play him first.

We never hear anymore about what the injuries are much. HIPPA possibly is the reason why.

There was a lot of hype about Khalifa There was a lot of hype about Waterman last year. Both seem to be less than advertised. Sometimes the portal
yields a good player and sometimes a dud. I
would rather see guys come in as freshmen like Fouss, Hall, and Saunders. All 4 have been better than most of these portal guys.

Waterman hasn’t been a complete dud like last year. He’s put on some weight and doesn’t get knocked around as much. The key in many league games and other top 20 teams will be the referees. I know, I sound like Jim Hawks with that. But, how they referee Fousse is going to be the number one issue. We are deep in all other positions. Atiki looked better but still is no Fousse.

I am not sure about that, watching games back in the day, Indiana and UCLA players were excited about plays that happened on the floor. It called being a team mate.

So, when you go to or watch the games, do you sit on your hands, never cheer and behave appropriately? You know, have “proper decorum”.

Because that is exactly what my wife expects of me. She does not like my passion, jumping up and down, yelling at the officials or TV. She thinks games should be observed without emotion.
We came to an agreement, I watch the games, she goes shopping (which I hate).

I have no problem with players showing excitement or jumping up and down. It shows they have a commitment to the team and have a passion and a competitive spirit (IMHO).

It doesn’t matter if the team they are playing is big or little, passion is what I like to see. Not some robot sitting on the sideline.

I agree. I used to watch those UCLA games in the 60’s and 70’s pummel teams and the players and fans were excited when players who didn’t get much time made shots. I don’t know what he’s talking about. Although, the rules about players and coaches on the sidelines was more strict back then.

Oh, if you only knew how Jim behaves during a game. He’s passionate and gets excited and frustrated. Can’t hardly sit still :rofl:

In the worst way you want him to be good.

He is not.

Keep hoping.

I get excited when it makes sense and is appropriate, like most knowledgeable fans might or would.

I watch the games with passion.

You should have been here when BYU gave the game away to OU today. I was passionate, believe me.

15 pts and 8 rebounds tonight. Nice game.

I will say he looks greatly improved and does have a little more weight on him this year.