Scouting SMC and the key to winning

I just went through SMC’s wins and loses. The main scorers on that team are Waldo, Carter, and Bright. In all the loses both Carter and Bright had mediocre games whereas Waldo always gets his points and even in loses Waldo has big games.

If you all remember, Young had a career night of 20 against us but that was an anomaly, he got hot and hit, like 6 threes. But the real key to stopping SMC in their tracks is don’t give Carter or Bright or Naar open looks.

SMC will make this an ugly win for BYU. We have too much fire power and we are at home where 3s fall.

First team over 80 wins.

This year, seems like the other teams have had players who get hot in our gym. More so than in other years. Our defense just isn’t as good this year. And, other teams hit stupid lucky shots like bank shots from 30 ft with the shot clock running down. Waldo is a really good player. We don’t have anyone who can stop him alone. Double teaming and hoping that SMC doesn’t shoot well from the outside is going to be a real key.

BYU has to shoot really well to win. Foul shots and 3’s have to go in big time. Rebounding will be a huge key too. Hopefully we can keep them from a lot of second chance points. Especially from Waldo. The defense will need to know WHERE WALDO IS! :wink:

Great call Chris! Only team that made it to beyond 80 was BYU

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If you go back to my post on the first SMC game, I say that SMC is not that good and they showed it tonight. After Waldo and Carter, they have a lot of slow guys that can make a basket if they are open but outside of Carter and Bright, SMC does not have another player that can break down a defense.

From our end. BYU blew this game right open with their 3s. In the first half we hit 6/10. SMC has only scored 80 or more points 3 times this entire season so I thought BYU would win but I was surprised we won so easily.

Other notes…how does Worthington get 5 fouls in 7 minutes of play? I though Kaufusi had his best defensive game of the year and Andrus just impresses me with his sound play. But the guys that just came through for me in a big way were Sharp and Bartley. Sharp’s 4 O boards and Bartley’s defense and rebounding. (Haws, Halford KC and Fischer always get their share so a what up to them but our bench game through bug tonight.)

Ome more thing…SMC holds teams to 25 RPG. BYU got 37 and 13 offensive boards while holding SMC 10 under their average of 36. That is the real stat of the night…not our big 3 point output.