Scouting SMC. the thorn

They have been a thorn ever since Delledova sunk that 3/4 court shot and ruined our season.

game planing for this one will keep our coaches up a few nights. Do you defend All WCC Jock Landale and risk Childs on fouls or leave a wide open 3 in the corner? I would use Worthington and Dastrup on him and just work him but my gut tells me that Rose is going to end up using Childs, ugggg

SMC is Landale, 6’6 Hermonson from the corner, and Naar. That is their foundation but their stars are Naar and Landale, slow down either player and win the game.

Naar is the key, When I looked at his stats, it said, Naar is 6’1…no way…but there it is, 6’1. I always thought he was 6’4 or something, that is just how big he plays. The dude averages over 9 assists a game, has to be in the top 1%. Bennett plays him 36 minutes a game, too much in my opinion. We have Hardnett and Cannon to work on him.

This is how this thing is going to go down…High pic and roll with Landale, Naar now has Worhtington on him…will be a disaster. Now you see why Rose has to use Childs or he will have to play Bryant as the guy that guards Naar. If we zone it, that creates open looks for SMC. It will be interesting to see what defense we have for the pic.

On defense, Bennett will have his hands full trying to slow down Bryant, SMC has no one. How does he defend our pic and roll with our guards headed to the rim, does he risk Landale getting into foul trouble and have to sit because SMC will lose if Landale is out of the game for any large spells.

This game depends on two things. 3 point shooting and our stars, Childs-Eli vs. theirs’ Landale and Naar.

SMC plays to freshmen guards who are 3 point specialists, 6’1 Ford from Folsom Cal…put Haws on him (you have to hide Haws somewhere) and Krebs, a 6’6 aussie, Seljaas or Bryant. BTW BYU has all kinds of matchups that will screw with SMC. for instance, Who guards Childs? Landale has to and risk fouls…who guards Eli? Hermonson will have trouble. TJ? Ford would get worked. Naar on Hardnett or Cannon? lots of problems for SMC.

this is a 50-50 game according to every odds maker out there. BYU is at home and it is loud…squeaker win

So far it’s mostly been the center position so that’s good. I didn’t like the fouls called on yeoli.

They’ve gotten a few open looks from three when someone forgot to rotate quickly but they’ve been missing. We have to do that better.

My big deal is they have 4 assists to our 10 I believe… That’s a big change.

Let’s see how the second half goes.

Well, we played a great 38 minutes. Seljaas had a good look but came up short at the end of regulation. Bryant should have taken the floater.
We went too much to Childs in overtime. He looked gassed. Shots came up short. Bryant forced too much as did others. The drive TJ did and stopped for a short 8 footer is what I’d like to see more of from the guards.
Frustrating loss but we played better than I’m sure most thought we would.

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Ok, I stayed calm until the last 7 minutes. Here’s my complaints watching the game live:

Seljias instead of dastrup. I don’t get it, I need to watch it again but I feel like that was a lineup error.

Where are the set plays for threes in overtime down 5? And shooting a three at the buzzer with seljias? I question that. Go to the paint with Gardner.

Defensive lapses at the end for open threes…

WCC referees! I can’t stand them. I need to watch the replay but it looked like crap. Some mysterious calls

One more thing, I felt like we played hero ball at the end. We forced shots.

WCC officials are going to make mistakes. But, I liked the fact there weren’t 60 fouls called. For the most part, the calls were good calls. Some no calls but that didn’t cause the loss. Cannon missing 2 FT hurt. He’s a shooting guard and should make FT. At least 1.
Dastrup played well in the first half but not the second half. He was hesitant. He had a couple of open 3’s he needed to take.
I thought there was a better chance for Bryant’s shot to go in than Sejlass shot at the end. But, it was a wide open shot. No reason to second guess it. He’s shooting as well as Haws.
We lost in overtime because we went away from team ball and tried to rely on Childs and driving into congestion to pick up fouls. That was a sign of fatigue and inexperience.
Hardnett needs to take a couple more 3’s when he’s wide open.
We have no answer for Landale. But, our guards can’t dive all the way down to the circle in the paint. That opens up the easy 3’s.

We definitely lost the game on our end.

I’m more annoyed seljias was in at that moment over dastrup. This let’s yo play the 4 and I like our defense better there. Also I feel better about our chances there. Maybe he was gassed.

As to the calls, I’m going to watch the game again in HD and slow motion. We’ll see.

I completely agree. Players do too. Need to be more consistent.

I was thinking the SAME THING! Not only that, Seljias was in the wrong place on this previous BYU possession when Bryant was going to make a play but end up crashing into Seljas and turned it over. You think Dave Rose or Heath Shroyer would have yank him and put in Dastrup for possible last shot.

At the end of regulation I was hoping Bryant would drive right at Landale for a shot and possible foul him out and shoot free throws. But, there was no open area to take it to the hoop I guess.

Just regroup for next game at SF & Pacific.

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I was expecting Bryant to shoot it over Landale. It was much closer than the 3.
Bryant should have seen Sejlass and backed it out. Dastrup was 1-4. Sejlass was as good a choice. Can’t fault anyone.
We should have kept playing team ball in the overtime.

Rose got completely out coached by Bennett. SMC has veteran players over our younger players. And yes Dastrop should’ve been in over seljaas

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He was in and was getting punked in the second half. Dastrup wouldn’t have made a difference. “Winners want the ball when the game is on the line.” Bryant should have taken the last shot instead of passing. Can’t fault Sejlass for shooting it. Yes, he was standing in the wrong place but Bryant should have not tried to go through him, ya think?
We tried to take it to Landale in the OT and that didn’t go well. Childs should have passed the ball out several times instead of forcing up those shots. He was short on 6 straight shots and the game was over. That was bad coaching. Other than that, Rose outcoached SMU.

I agree with part of what you’re saying here.

We lost the last 7 minutes of that game. And for several reasons.

On the other hand, we showed we can play with these guys. They missed some shots they might normally make and we must clean up the rotations but we can beat these guys.

That’s a big improvement from last year.

I wanted to wait for his game to really see what we’re made off and didn’t like what I saw the last 8-10 minutes.

Hardnett made a lot of mistakes today, and two big ones that where really bad and unbelievable. Leaving his man, a great 3 point shooter wide open for a three with 2-3 seconds left was beyond dumb. And his follow up super bad decision to drive into the bigs with lots of time on the clock and no path to the hoop or player to dish to changed the momentum and rattled the entire team. If Saint Mary gave him the game ball, it was well deserved - for them.

Seljaas has lost all confidence and at his point is so bad on offense that he hardly needs to be guarded. The wide open look at the final shot he missed won’t make it better for him upstairs and he will need to lose minutes unless he can get over it in minutes he is given.

Haws was okay but until or unless he finds his shot, he is nothing more than a role player with some good assists and exceptional hustle, which are offset by lack of speed and size. Certainly not anywhere near his brother and considerably below expectation.

Bryant was doubled quite a bit - easy to do when Hardnett and Seljaas are in. Not much more he can do.

Childs was very good but with so little from the guards, wore out and tried to do it all himself at the end. Can’t blame him and he played well enough for us to win.

Cannon deserves more time with hustle and energy.

Dastrup played good defense in the first half but got abused, along with worthington in the second. How do let an opposing center set up inside of 5-6’ to the hoop EVERY time down the court and letting him turn inside on them time and again. Could have really used Nixon today as he fights big time to prevent that kind of position. One player kept SM in the game the entire second half and neither the players nor coaches stepped it up to stop that. Bad all around on all of them.

The game today again reminded me that we have neither the offensive coaching nor talent to return to the tournament this year. This team may win one big game but that’s it and it won’t be near enough.

Didn’t see the game but followed it on my phone. I was really surprised to see That Seljaas took the last shot. He has been bricking wide open shots fairly regularly and I didn’t think he really deserved the time he has been getting until he gets his shot back. Funny-I predicted SMC by 10 , but BYU must have played well enough to win, but I knew Landale would be a load inside. Hard to analyze it without seeing it though, but NO, at this point in time Seljaas is not as good an option as anyone-not even Haws. Too bad-this was a pretty critical game for BYU TO win as in my estimation they have to beat Gonzaga at home and SMC or Gonzaga in the tourney. Hard to get those games back you should have won.

no doubt…We absolutely have to play the Naar pass, not the Naar score.

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All good points, Frank. Cannon can make a 3. The corner Seljaas 3 for the winner was a set play from Rose…Bry should have just scored but you know what its like when your mind is focused.

Dastrup is a far better choice at this point over seljaas. Seljaas cost us the game by causing bry to travel and can’t D up. Stats say Seljaas got 18 minutes and scored 2, Dastrup gets 11 minutes get 5 rebs and scored 3.[quote=“Rudi, post:12, topic:7792”]
One player kept SM in the game the entire second half and neither the players nor coaches stepped it up to stop that. Bad all around on all of them.

Yes, we just got out coached and agree, we are a year away…will be really good next year. possibly a sweet 16 team.

you won the bet…one to nothing.

I disagree with your final statement. We were a shot or free throw from a win.
As far as who should play and who should not, you and others ripped into Sejlass, Hardnett and Haws. So, who should actually be playing? Bryant made mistakes forcing up shots and losing shooters. Take a deep breath. The team out on the court played a top team to a tie.
Now, are there things that can still get better? I said in another post we need to get into the lane and shoot short range jump shots. Haws, Sejlass and Others would make 80% of those shots. Especially Haws. Just like Tyler did at the elbow.


again, just looking at stats

BYU has to use bry, childs and haws…and cannon. Hardnett made way to many mistakes on O and D. argggg.

Dastrup can also alleviate Childs with his ability to score. We were scoring deficient in this game.

On Defense, we are going to have to take risk on Doubling Landale from time to time…he too close too often and that is automatic for him

On Naar…I said he was the key to the game and too often we doubled low after the high pic and left a 3 point specialist wide open…ON SMC, they use the full 30 seconds before they run their offense, it was not like we defended for 30 because they just don’t shoot in the first 30 (unless we leave them wide open, which Bry did on Hermanson and Hardnett on Krebs, twice). that was 9 points right there and game. but we were piss poor on covering the open 3 after Naar headed to the basket and Earth to ROse, Let Naar get his points but never give him the outlet 3 because That Is What He Does…Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

We “LOOKED” like we played them well as they shot worse than us the first half from outside. We did play better defense to make shots harder but they missed a lot that they won’t likely miss at there place.

I really noticed that the last 10 minutes we were playing not to lose, rather than to put them away. Slowed the game to a crawl and way to much wasted time followed by a bad drive or shot as time was winding down. I have to believe that was a coaches decision and it was a lousy tactical move. So Rose gets his share of blame. But we have to be honest in stating that Saint Mary is just flat out a better team with the great balance they have and very good coaching. Our D is getting there but the offense is stagnant and predictable just like in all years since Fredette - you never knew where he would bomb from.