Scouting Texas Southern

7’2 240,Tryvon Reed is going to be a load. hahaha. Childs gets him or Dastrup…Worthington will foul and sit.

Little, 5’7, #3 Demontrae Jefferson leads the team in scoring @ 23.4 ppg, 3 assists- Hardnett gets him.

Donte Clark #1, 6’4 Sr plays tough inside. Bryant gets him

Kevin Scott #4, solid gaurd has been out

6’3 Derrick Bruce gets Haws

Robert Lewis get Seljaas

They take a lot of 3s. Jefferson will play the most minutes and take the most shots. The team is heavy loaded at guard. This kind of team could have beaten BYU last year and they are a lot better then their record because they have played ALL of their games on the road (must not have any $$ budget) and played the toughest SOS of any team in America!!!

Only Reed blocks shots. This would be a great game to use Dastrup in along with Childs just to see if we can defend the peremiter and pesky guards with big men while we work a team over down low. TxSo surrounds one big guy with 4 guards.

Home game for BYU and TxSo shoots poorly from the 3 except for Jefferson. BYU gets to the 80s and holds TxS to under 70.

what we learned from the TSU game
7’2 Reed was indeed a load. Childs missed all but one shot in the 1st half. The coach kept Reed in the game with few rests and Childs with fresh legs did all his damage in the latter part of the 2nd half. Reed also altered just about every Coug’s shot inside of 10 feet.

TSU stayed with BYU for about 1/2 the game even without 3 starters including top scorer, Jefferson. Would have been a tough game with all of their weapons.

I thought the officiating was picking on TSU. There were too many ticky tack calls to my liking. With only 8 guys suited up, TSU was playing on fumes by the end of the game. Too many calls and turnovers, killed the flow of the game.

Bryant finally had a frustration game, his normally dead on shot was…off.

Dastrup only played 13 minutes but he had 6 rebs, 7 points, 2 assists and was perfect from the 3 again. Any reason why Rose does not use him for 25 minutes a game? With the numbers we have been seeing out of Dastrup, he would be a double double guy every night.

I read about Demontrae Jefferson talents. He sound like a hard nose player and his toughness. I would love to see him play last night. You see the game would have gone either way who wins this one. So, any idea what happened to his dad death because I couldn’t find anywhere in the news.

I am still puzzled and I am worried once wcc starts. I or wee have seen it before 6 players rotation not like 9 or 10 players during wcc play and they run out of gas by not resting their starters!

We get Nixon or Shaw back and we are fine. Andrus is out for the year