Scouting Tx So in the Marriott

This may be an 0-5 team ( they play their first 15 games on the road. But would it surprise you if I said that they have all their players back and that they WON their 1st game in the big dance last year?

No. 18 BYU basketball trying to stay focused ahead of Texas Southern - Deseret News

Defense and offensive rebounds were big. Made up for poor shooting from 3’s. Against Utah that can’t happen. Must shoot well.
Lucas had a great game. Fousse was great again. George was a beast on the boards as was the bigs on the offensive boards.

Barcello has an off night and BYU still wins by 20

Foos continues to shine. Monster blocks, monster in the middle. curious to see how he plays against a well coached 70’er in Carlson at Utah

Lucas was unstoppable at getting to the hoop. High pt man, and 7 assists, wow

George had himself quite a 1st half and ended up with 16 boards, wow… and thought he was Curry, who told him that he could shoot? There is a reason why they left you wide open at 3. And you kept on shooting brick after brick, geeeeeezzzzz.

Lohner has had his 3rd poor game in a row. It’s not like he is playing bad, more like he just can’t get his mojo going. O points and 5 boards in 29 minutes of play, he has to be hiding an injury???

BYU had a whooping 52 rebounds and 20 were offensive, I don’t remember a game with that many boards.

Shooting 39% for the game is a danger signal…just we won by 20 but we shoot that poorly at Utah, that will be a loss.

BYU is going to lose some games if they can’t get their 3 balls to fall. Now for a very good Utah test.

Lohner has lost confidence with his offense. He still plays well on defense. Stick with him.
George can keep shooting. But, he has to not play hero ball. He does that sometimes. He’s also great at defense and rebounding.
I doubt we will have shooting problems like that often. What does happen is others pick up the slack.