Scouting UCLA. Dancing

And we got to watch the last four minutes of the game as well as overtime last night. Michigan State made numerous critical mistakes at the end of regulation and UCLA just took it to them in overtime.

First thing that jumps out is that UCLA only got five total points from their bench. They don’t shoot a lot of threes. But they scored 50% of their long shots.Juzang rolled his ankle pretty bad at the end of the game but he’s had problems in the past I would expect him to go. Their little point guard Campbell will be a handful for our point guard.

This is not the same UCLA team that struggled early on the year and lost a ton of games but they had lost their last four in a row Byu is favored to win we have some matchups. Such as our heights that will cause them problems

I believe this is a game BYU should win. Unfortunately the Cougars aren’t the best tournament team and they pull the deer in the headlights schtick too often.

Let’s hope they are mentally prepared, that is how they will win the game.

BYU has to be good. My Brother and his family are UCLA-Dodger fans and I’m the black sheep BYU-Giants fan apostate Jew :hugs:

Lots of upsets and near upsets going on. I hope we are ready and aggressive from the tip-off.

Byu already won. Not having to play Michigan state was their first win.
Ucla, hopefully their second, is a much, much better match up.

Pretty shameful the way Michigan state players were fighting and arguing with each other and #44 screaming like a madman at his hall of fame coach. Disgraceful. Glad M.S. lost…for multiple reasons.

I saw that too. I felt the same way. Glad they lost for multiple reasons. :blush:

As near as I can tell, most of the folks who had MSU beating Pope’s boys, just rolled it over and said UCLA does the same.
After all until their losing streak they were considered better…so clearly they are better…and BYU is clearly seeded too high…so UCLA beats Texas for a seat in the Elite 8…

UCLA in the final 8.
USC and OSU as well, NOBODY saw that!!! The Big 10 was gushed over about how they were THE Conference this year and everyone was a distant 2nd, then they lost 7 of 8 games in the 1st round. The P12 has been the doormat of the P5 for the past 3 years and yet here they are repping 3 of the final 8 teams…and technically Oregon should of made them 4.

BYU was certainly a top 32 possibly a final 8 depending matchups, they just ran into UCLA.

We ran into more of ourselves. As Charles Barkley said, in college it’s about free throws, rebounding and turnovers. I’d add 3 point shooting that also did us in. We played tentatively.