Scouting UCONN. ( this should read, "Wounded Cougar attacks")

I have to admit, after last weeks debacle I am a little bit gunshy. Stop the run, win the game did not work as Michigan worked BYU over in every single category ever written.We made their QB look like a NFL all star. So let’s put this baby to bed with a “They were tired, too many key injuries, and to make it to the next level, we seriously need better coaching” and just prepare for the next.

Alast, this week is the same as last week…stop the run, win the game. I have reason to believe that run stopper, Fuiloma will return and with him alone, BYU will be back to its good ol defense, I was shocked at how open the middle was all Michigan game long was and their 5th year senior easily sniffed that one out for big gains over and over but I am hopeful that Bronco will have that problem solved with a healthy Fui. Not sure if Mr. everything, Lungi will be healthy or is Hine returns but I think BYU will be tough at home.

Now for the Stats: UCONN is 2-2, Beating a bad Nova and Army to start the year, then losing to a ranked Missouri (I watched that game) 9-6 and my impression was that Missouri was not that good and will have their share of losses, then Navy just dismantled them. My thoughts are that UCONN has not faced near the competition that BYU has faced and that this game should not be close. I think our D will show up but worried about our run game if Hine can’t go. I think Tanner and our long receivers show up this week and we show UCONN that BYU is a physical team.

UCONN’s Sherriffs is a smart QB with a fair arm. He completes 65% of his throws but UCONN has a porise line, allowing 12 sacks on the year .UCONN’s rushing game is about like BYU’s so we will have to beat Sherriffs arm to win the game. He has a go to guy, Sr, Thomas, much like our Jurgens. IF BYU can keep UCONN in 3rd and longs, BYU wins easily. This game will be all about ManHood and how bad BYU feels about being embarrassed on national TV. We are angry, wounded and dying for redemption and UCONN traveled close to 3000 miles to get mauled by an very pissed off Cougar.

Vegas says BYU by 17 with a under/over of 44 points. My gut says BYU gets to 30 wil holding UCONN to their average of 17.

Not sure if you heard Brandon Doman today on 1280 the zone…

He talked about the Press coverage of Michigan… He said he had talked to his brothers (all receivers) who went to BYU and said that During the days of Lavell, Norm Chow was the Receiver coach and use to tell his players that the press coverage was a signal from the Defense that they thought they were better than the receivers…

So it became a “Are you a man” type thing with the Receiver?

I think my link to Coach Holliday explains that he thinks it is HIS FAULT for not teaching his receivers how to get space with press coverage… Hopefully he has done some things to mitigate the issue.