Scouting Utah State Bball, What to know

USU was routed in their 1st game of the year against VCU then throttled by SDST almost as bad as BYU lost to USC. (boy, I’d like that game back as a redo)

USU lost NBA talent, Sam Merrell as well as their Point from last year’s team.
Their strength this year is their two inside players, Bean and Queta. Advantage USU but by a smidge with all the bigs BYU has to defend these two.
They run four Juniors and one Freshman. BYU runs Senior leadership but most are transfers with only Harding as a 3 year player for BYU. Advantage USU, they have played together longer
The game is at USU, Advantage USU
BYU is much better on offense, Advantage BYU
BYU is slightly better on Defense, " BYU
BYU is shooting 40% from 3, USU shoots 32% and since BYU is the 3rd highest volume 3 point shooting team in America, Advantage BYU.
This is not the same USU team from last year. Merrell was the machine,
BYU 73-71 USU

Is it on TV?

There is no live TV for the game. It will be streamed both on ( – Mountain West Network, and on BYU Basketball on Facebook.
Here is a great writeup on the game.
Utah State vs. BYU game preview (

KenPon has USU by 3. If BYU can hits 3s, we win by 5 or more, otherwise, we lose a close game.
The Spectrum is known for its LOUD BOYTEROUS crowds, because of Covid, my understanding is no crowds.

How to watch BYU Basketball at Utah State - Vanquish The Foe

Allowing 1500 fans into the game, so yes, the dog pound will be loud.

First half, BYU has defended their two best players very well. Lohner shut down Bean, and by committee BYU has slowed Queta down. We are just more aggresive.

I watched the game. It was hard to watch with the USU commentators stupidity. They are just terrible announcers and commentators. But, we managed to win the game. We don’t have anyone that can make his own shot like Haws could. Nor do we have anyone who can score at the rim except Lee and coach won’t play him.

Lol great call-figured BYU to win in double digits

Are you saying that BYU is not a very good team?

Good enough to win games. But someone will have to step up or change the offense. BA dribbles around losing the ball. We have talent but very inexperienced.

BA, grad SR is a bust. Erratic. Barcello plays too much team ball when he should be running the show in a tight game. Passing the ball to a true Fr. or BA late in the clock is either a bad shot or a turnover. Hence Pope fooling around with all these rotations and combos.

Pope is right to keep Lohner in games at critical times. He shut down Bean last night. (Bean still got 13 rebs) but could not get to the rim, Lohner will learn that it is all in his head and when it clicks, watch out. Lohner hit his first 3, in fact, he had 3/5 on the night. George also just needs time to figure out his game.

But our true challenge is at the point

BYU is a very good team, just not a great team, not dance material yet.

However, you commented in another thread that at this point they will lose games to SMC, USF, Pepperdine and big to Gonzaga. If they finish lower than third or fourth in the WCC, does that make them a “very good team”?

You know I generally trust your analysis, I am just trying to get a feel for it at this point.

The offense is looking more and more like Dave Rose weave offense. And that’s why we aren’t seeing post play and open shooters. It’s why our players aren’t in triple threat position. I’d like to see a lot more 2 man games and not with just the centers. Post up Harding and others more.

I feel you and I am frustrated with our point. It all depends on three things:

  1. Haarms ankle, is this a short term thing or what? He is really good healthy.
    2 How fast we can get our very athletic forwards, Lohner and George, playing smart
  2. and off course, Averette. I’ve calmed down a big since the CC debacle. While he drives me crazy, I think Pope will get him to settle in.

We are still 2nd in the WCC in my mind. We will lose on the road, everyone else will too except Gonzaga. Covid will still be canceling games and messing up the picture well into March Madness