Scouting UVU. The toolsons

Yep, I said it. Toolsons run UVU. Jake, BYU transfer and cousin Conner will bomb away on BYU along with Nakwaasah, these guys will huck up more threes then gunners like TJ and Seljaas.

UVU’s inside work comes from 6’7 Isaiah White.

Just to give some perspective, BYU just played a team with their smallest guard @ 6’7. BYU is about to play a team full of guards that are under 6’4. Childs should get 30 in this game and if he doesn’t, it’s because UVU is doubling him and BYU is hucking up 3s and bricking.

UVU scored 96 on Westminster and they have a 16% chance of knocking of BYU.