Scouting Valpo of the Horizon

Valpo’s team revolves around Alec Peters in the same way that BYU depends on KC. @ 6’9 Peters leads the Crusaders in every category that counts. He averages 18.5 PPG, he shoots 85% from the stripe and an amazing 87-194 (45%) from 3 land. He also leads the team in rebounding @ 8.4 RPG. He will keep our bigs very busy.

Valpo also has a Jamaican, Fernandez that leads the nation in shot blocking but I don’t think he will alter the game like he did against SMC because we don’t run our offense through our bigs.

Carter is their PG, very athletic. They are a slow down, value possession team so this should be an interesting game. I also read that KC had lost 11 lbs from his illness so he was much more ill than I think anyone knew. He has yet to gain back all the weight.

BYU is ranked 16 in offense, 195 in defense
Valpo, ranked 163 in offense, 14 in defense

Vegas has BYU as a 31% at 77-72. I think this game will be in the 80s and at this point, I will be happy win or lose. I will say this, we have two stars in the making in Emery and Saljaas