SDSU in game comments

Who is #82? He doesn’t know the plays. Get him out of there!

Where is McChesney? Why isn’t he playing?

How about putting another QB. Wilson is stinking it up.

Where is McChesney? The play calling is back to the old stuff.

Good old three man rush, we trail at the half. Get Wilson out of there in the 2nd half.

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I agree. I want Baylor Romney

How about calling plays like they did with Romney? Where is McChesney? 3 man rush prevent a win defense? Coach better get back to what won games or maybe take back that extension.

I would bet $100 that Sitake does not dare pull Wilson from the game. But he should.

Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if BYU loses this game and then the bowl game. That would make the Ys season record 7-6. Egg on the faces of the BYU admin given 3 more years of Sitaki.

The play calling is the issue again. Where is McChesney? Stick to short passes and more options.

Our offense and defense sucks.

Right on GH. Wilson belongs on the bench, another interception.

Game over.

Wilson is not the guy

We never know what to expect anymore.

I already have my airline tickets and hotel reservations for the Honolulu Bowl, but now I really don’t want to go.

Everything is non refundable. What a big disappointment. We were favored to win this game by 5.5 points.

I don’t understand ! Is it a lack of time in the film room? Is it a lack of preparation during practice time? Is it a lack of importance in the theme of things? I really, really, really don’t understand.

I love Sataki. I am really saddened by this loss.

Do you think our Special Teams was great? Missed field goal attempt !

How many? 4 or 5 field goals?
Go to the Bowl game. It will be good for you.

How do you miss chip shot field goals as bad as we do? I won’t complain about Oldroyd again. He could have made all those.
We also could not score a touchdown in the redzone. We didn’t have a consistent running game. Why no McChesney?

Where has all of our agressiveness gone? Long time passing.
Where has all of our agressiveness gone? Long time ago.
Where has all of our agressiveness gone? The Aztecs have picked us, each and everyone.

When will we ever learn? When will we ever learn?

What a disgusting, disappointing and embarrassing game to be a fan of the losing team. A pitiful exhibition by the players and coaches. My guess is that since they get to go to a bowl game in Hawaii they have the attitude, “Who cares.” And my response is, “I don’t care either.” I lost interest in even listening several times during the game and that is not like me. I am thinking that I am finally done with watching or listening to the games, after several decades of closely following the broadcasts or telecasts. The mediocrity of the past 8 years has worn me out. Enjoy Sitake for another 3 years.

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