Season Schedule Finally

Full BYU men’s basketball full schedule released |

Saturday Pope’s interview at the beatdown of Utah included the fact that Tuesday would be the release of the full schedule.
True to his word.
We have the full schedule.

One word…disappointing.
The rest of the WCC had better perform better than it is expected to if Pope and his players are expected to compete for an at-large birth for the dance.
San Diego State, Oregon, Utah, Utah State, and Creighton are the stars of the non-conference lineup.
SDSU who knows.
Altman likely to be the worst loss of the season except maybe the Zags or Creighton.
Utah and Utah State both teams in transition with solid coaches and what look to be solid players.

So six weeks and the real fun begins.
Unless there should be a countdown to the Big 12 season starting in two more years…
Will Kelvin Sampson still be around Houston by then? He certainly burned bridges at one of my other alma maters. Hoosier faithful still mention his name only with aspersions.

Apparently, you didn’t see the 3 tournaments. There is more within those tournaments. Chill out. The key is to win the WCC. And with an unknown quantity of players, it might be just what the doctor ordered.

Is there a reason we never play at home? Is the MAC such a poor venue that no one wants to play there? Just askin’…

Not at all! It’s all about the crowd. Also, top programs don’t have to come to fill their schedules to come and lose. Being a part of the Big 12 will put us in that spot not to have to travel to tough non-league games.

If by poor you mean teams are scared to face 12000 screaming fans and a team that made the top 25 polls and the top 15 Kenpom the last two years…then the answer to your question is yes.

As to never playing at home 7 pre conference games…against mostly teams that are probably being paid to show up…yes it is hard to get teams to come in and face a crowd with that team Pope has put together.

I don’t remember when we played Notre Dame at the Marriott Center and beat them was really sweet. Then all of a sudden we no longer play them again and any other power School coming to Provo ever again but maybe few other time at the Utah Jazz basketball arena.
And now 2023–2024 we will see big 12 country coming to the Marriott Center yay !!!