Second TD is all on Bronco

Not being ready for fake field goal. Then lousy defense. Our pass defense stinks! And what is #15 problem? He stops on the pursuit like he was afraid of the contact instead of driving him back or to the sideline.

Hey, BYU leads at the half. So what’s to worry about?

There’s a whole half to go. That’s the problem. We can’t rely on their QB to mess up like that to win. Our D has been lousy.

Agreed, but the offense is starting well in the second half!


I think All in all this has been a lousy offensive showing by BYU so far today.
Neither team is anywhere near consistent but BYU has avoided big mistakes and Utah State has been a mistake machine.

This really seems more like a Division II game from the quality of play.

Did you miss what I wrote and when I wrote it? It was right after the first touchdown in the second half. The offense started well in the second half. Hardly a point to disagree with.

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It wouldn’t be cougarfan if we don’t disagree anyways :smile:
Great second half! We may get Utah in the Las Vegas Bowl

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STFU buddy. The Cougars killed them today.

The defense especially front 7 deserve game ball-USU had unbelievably good field position most of the game. Once again Robbie had me scratching my head. Really you score to open 2nd half-get the ball right back with momentum and first thing u do is draw deep in your backfield right into a blitz-ugh-instead of getting at least 3 or 4 yds u end up 2nd and 20-blah-oooo well a good win-how many had USU won at home in a row?

Special teams too. Actually everyone does. That was a team victory