Shawn Bradley paralyzed in bicycle accident

Bradley was hit from behind by an automobile on January 20th a block from his home. He’s going through rehabilitation and the prognosis is unknown. He had neck fusion. Did anyone know about this? I hadn’t heard anything on BYU Sports Nation. Sad.

Shawn Bradley, former BYU and NBA center, paralyzed from bicycle accident - Deseret News

I just heard about it as well. I do believe the prognosis is that he is a paraplegic moving forward and his plan is to work hard to educate people about bicycle safety. It is hard to believe that being hit on a bike only a block from his home resulted in this. People really need to pay attention to what they are doing when they are behind the wheel.

I found out about it yesterday too. Last night news was the first time about Shawn Bradley accident Seems like Dallas Mavericks were the first to know about it

Shaun and I bumped into each other a number of times after he retired. He remarried when I talk to him and his new stepson’s with him seemed genuinely happy has a ranch in Castle Dale Utah. I don’t know anything about his prognosis.

He kind of turned his back on Byu athletics after all the blowback from him leaving after just one year at Byu. That was his right. I get it, fans can be pretty harsh when they make their comments about stars. I wish you a speedy recovery and a happy life

I don’t know how harsh other people or BYU fans Om Bradley compared my feelings toward him. Once he was done meaning not coming back to BYU and yeah I did mope but moved on and hoping I would never see him around me.
Yes it was sad about his injury injury and he being paralyzed and I do hope the best for his long recovery.

And Chris
Changing to a different subject That stupid person when comes to DUI. This young lady from Logan as a high school student who lost both of her legs amputated. This girl and her friends went to Bear Lake and they were coming home when this drunk driver Head on collision to those girls was a horrible event. And this guy bailed himself out on the loose again really really make me sick and hoping that he will drive off the cliff to end his life (wishful thinking).
This young lady is amazing when she has to deal with this Of not having her legs for the rest of her life and I wish her the best.

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