Shocked and saddened

to hear that Mark Eaton passed away last night.

What is it with bicycles and former basketball players with Utah ties? That’s really sad…

I am saddened about Mark Eaten death what a terrible event that happened to him.

Like what happened to Shawn Bradley which I think he still paralyzed his body unless somethings gotten better to his health ?

Still paralyzed from what I read…

Heart Attack, second bike ride of the day, guess it was a complete surprise to everyone.

Got to know Mark back in the early 2000s, he was an avid fly fisherman and all around gentleman. Never heard him speak poorly of anyone in all the time I spent around him. If people don’t know his story, He was working as a mechanic when a Cypress Co College professor recruited him to try his luck a BBall. His block record will never be broken in the NBA. His best season, he averaged 5.6 blocks a game…Rudy Gobert, the League MVP, best season is 2.9 blocks per game.

The world lost a good one this week

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