Shot Clock Question

When a shot is blocked and the ball goes out of bounds without touching the rim, does the shot clock get reset? I’m asking because it appeared that they reset the shot clock after Bartley’s block in the Gonzaga game.

Was there a foul called on that play? I thought there was. If not, the clock should not reset.

grasshopper is correct. The shot clock should not reset on the Bartley block. If it did, shame on Gonzaga and the refs…though it was somewhat of a fast-break so the shot clock should have had about 28 seconds on it I would think.

It had about 30 seconds. I don’t recall if there was a foul called, but Gonzaga received the ball out of bounds.

There was no foul called and the clock does not reset on a blocked shot.

That play was inconsequential, and not nearly as bad as Gonzaga “spilling something on the court” after Halford’s 4 point play put BYU up 8 midway through the first half. It took them forever to clean whatever it was off the floor and even the announcers were questioning what spilled and why it took so long to clean up.

Gee… I wonder? especially after it defused BYU’s momentum and Gonzaga went on a 10-3 run over the next four minutes to pull them within 1 point.

It was at that point I said to myself - that cheap kind of tactic and play is wrong and they don’t deserve to win the game. I am so glad they lost in so many ways…

Don’t believe the clock reset