Silva has left the building

Seems Pope is recruiting all his kids from UVU and letting Rose recruits go…

I am willing to go with Pope on his talent selection in the big man dept. Rose was horrible at selecting post players … exception Mika!

I don’t have a problem what Coach Mark Pope is doing. I knew that he wanted to drop Silva (from SL Trib few days ago). And Li from China has moved on too.

So, are there any other BYU current players he is trying to decide who to let go (not a rumor)?

I heard yesterday when they had the new assistant coach on that the roster is pretty much set as far as returning players. Not sure about big men. Next year he has the transfers from UVU. 6’11” and 6’10” power forward. 6’10” kid is an outside threat. We may see a huge team with talented guards next year.