Sloppy LMU game

Nixon injured his knee. As they were going through the hand shaking he was limping more and more. Not a good thing. Hopefully just a strain.
We need to start off better.

If they were sloppy and still won by 23 on the road I’ll take it. I didn’t see the game. It was too late for my time zone. It didn’t start until 10 PM CST.

They only had like 8 turnovers so that doesn’t sound too bad.

Missed a lot of 2 point shots. 41% from the field and 45% from 3’s. Childs was off and so was Toolson. Others were on and took up the slack.
Very slow start. LMU has some big young players that will be good in a couple of years if they stay there.
We didn’t pull away until late. A typical game in a high school gym.
Nixon got hacked on a drive to the basket and fell awkwardly into the basketball standard tweaking his knee. He shot the free throws and then slowly hobbled off. Noticeably limping at the end of the game to shake hands with LMU.
Baxter had a massive block but nothing more. He’s way behind. Nixon played great defense. He knows Baxter is moving up. Hope Nixon’s injury isn’t a tear and only a strain. Didn’t look like it.

Typical Mike Dunlop team. Slow it down to a snail’s pace and hope to be close.
BYU played right along in the 1st, made all our turnovers in sloppy uninspired ball. Childs had a rough 1st half, even air balled a 3. We were up 8 at the half
Started slow in the second, then BYU got the passing game going and found wide open guards for 3. Harding hit all 3 of his 3s, Barcellos was the high points guy with 18…6 of 8 from 3land. This is what I expected from Barcellos when I first saw him at the beginning of the year. He could take over a game if he chose to.

TJ was also exceptional with 17 and the first time I can remember him having a turnover free game. Troy got in for one minute and hit the last 3 to give BYU a record 18 tres, Troy did not get credit (they gave it to Knell) for the 3.

As for Nixon: he had a break away with 2 LMU guys chasing. At the rim they collided when Nixon slowed up to dunk. He was sent crashing into the padded standard and his leg crumpled up with the foot folding into the padding. He literally bounced out in a heap (reminded me of the Collinsworth hyperextension) Nixon sat there for 30 seconds looking at his leg and working from knee to toe to feel and see the damage, then they got him up and he still did not trust the leg, shot his FTs and left the game.

Remember last year? Games like that we lost…

I really like the attention to defense Pope and the coaches has stressed.

To me it looked like they were trying to force it, rather than let the game come to them.

But I was impressed with how they stuck with defense until the offense gets going.

They were doubling and tripling on Child’s and he tried to force it a few time, but Harding and Barcello and Haws to the rescue. They are going to have to play better against SD Saturday. All games are key but this one will almost rap up a 2nd place finish in the WCC

Pepperdine game is a game to watch out for. They play is well at their place. Great place to go to watch the game. Their people and fans are alway nice.

The way I look at it-we could have 2nd place wrapped up by The Pepperdine game and thereby a lock for the NCAA. SD has gotten better recently and will be a key game. We have SC at home which we should win and a chance at Gonzaga. Should we beat SD-that will give us a two game cushion as SMC still has to play Gonzaga on the road. Better to take care of business tomorrow

Barcellos is shooting 63% from 3 in league play. Childs hurt his average with his 3 misses from long range. Down to 50% from 62.

The past 5 games, SD has defended the 3 really well. They have played very tough. SD does not use a Point Guard as they use Shooting Guard, Hartfield to bring the ball up. He went 6-7 in 3s against Pepperdine.

I see BYU playing Gonzaga very differently at home. 1st SD, then we will talk